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DXLive – Here is what I got for $100! (Review)

Today we are going to checkout DXLive, one of the most-used Asian live porn sites. Normally we just write about sites and do some basic testing but considering how much we fucking love Asian babe cams we got sucked into DXLive.com and put out some dough right off the bat. So here is what you can expect in this DX Live review.

We will tell you all about the features of this Asian video chat site, what it costs, some cam sites like DXLive.com, and most of all about some of the Asian cam girls I had a show with and my thoughts about them.

DXLive – Is it Asian Sex Cam Bliss or Just a Scam? (The Truth)

Dxlive Asian cams
Dxlive Asian cams are still running not because of technology but because of cute Japanese babes.

DxLive is a Japanese adult webcam site for everyone who likes to spank Japanese girls in live cams. There is something about Japanese models that works magic in sex cam sites.

Dx Live looks like a well-built site with amateur Japanese cam girls. Dx live is just another Japanese cam site with less English speaking cam girls.

Dx Live made for experiencing Japanese chicks of different ages, body structures, and exoticness.

The Dx Live site is in the English language, but the cams girls are hardly speaking English. Does not make sense, right?. Trust me, we had spent hours examining what DxLive.com could offer for horny sex cam users.

We did not have the chance to watch HD Japanese sex cams yet. Does DxLive.com have HD sex cams? How do worldwide sex cam members communicate with cam girls on DxLive.com?

If you have these questions in mind, feel free to get in and read this latest D xLive review that busts the truth.

Dx Live has thousands of Amateur models who are willing to get naughty on cams. There are not many Asian cam girls online whenever we check DxLive.com for hot action packaged sex shows.

We spent an entire week drilling in and out of DxLive and figure out what works and what did not work on the site. We have given so much time and checked the paid live cam girls as well got to say this Dx Live has become one of the average live sex cam sites for me in recent times.

Sadly, there are no HD cams in DxLive.com, and most of the models do not speak English, and there is zero translation feature to help with messages.

If you find 250 girls online in D xLive, that itself is a massive number. So far, it’s been an average experience at dxlive.com.

DxLive’s Features:

The Dx Live cam offers different genres to encourage users to explore models of their preferences. If you want to chat with a model, click on the name to check her sex show.

Just underneath the chat window, we can see the model’s age, body size, status, special features, and so on. Asian cams model is ranked based upon the previous cam performance both for private shows and public shows.

On the downside, it is furious to see only a handful of Japanese Asian cam sex performers online, and the rest is offline. DxLive.com mentions it has 42,000+ registered sex cam models here, and it raises doubts in mind.

DxLive Japanese models
DxLive Japanese models have a large number of amateur girls & fewer experience cam show models.

There are free cam shows available without registering, but if you want to chat with girls, you need to have points (tokens or credits) to buy and then proceed.

Japanese Girl Reviews – Find out Japanese cam sex models on Dx Live.com easily by checking their reviews.

Although it could go two ways, old models will have more reviews, and new models not.

D xLive Ranking – Dx Live calculates the weekly and monthly performances to identify the best performers in their bucket list.

How to Play – This section clarifies the usage of the site, regarding free points, rules, and so on.

Blog – Useless is the word that comes to mind when checking out blog content from dxlive. Nothing special to check in terms of cam show models. Most of the contents highlighting tips, sex gifts, and purchase of points.

DxLive.com Gift – Japan has a great culture when it comes to gifting. Dx Live follows the tradition for Asian cam girls too. There are multiple gifts you can send to any model as a token of appreciation.

Here are some gifts from DxLive.com, panties, bras, sex toys, sex machines, cosmetics, sexy food, fashion items, and so on.

FAQs – New to dxlive.com? Check out the FAQ section for guidance on how to use this site.

D2Pass Member site – This is not something we often see in regular sex cam sites. Dx Live has created a special pass that allows registered members to log in and use other D2pass sex sites.

In other words, another oldest of clickbait methods to send you to different sites for illogical reasons.

Recently Registered Models – Find out the newest Japanese sex cam models in this different section. It looks like a good move by DxLive.com to attract Asian cam sex users to spend more time trying out unique cam shows.

Here’s the home page look for Dxlive.com,

DxLive.com home
DxLive.com home is dull-looking and needs a revamp big time.

Ladies Login – A Special login for registered dx live Asian babes to enter and check their profiles and updates. That is the key for models to perform all their naughty shows at dxlive.com.

Search Option – A default option to search Asian cam girls by names or other tags. Seriously this is a ridiculous thing when we cannot see much of the desired results.

The user interface went for a heavy beat when we browsed on different devices. Dx live needs to pull their socks to the greater good and improve the site for sex cam users.

DxLive.com Ads – It is highly disturbing to see even the hottest of sexy Japanese models pop out and control a large percentage of the screen in D xLive.

DxLive’s Pricing:

DxLive cam show prices are very high. I do not mind spending a few bucks to watch erotic Japanese pussies getting spanked on cams. I did spend some dollars and checked out dx live cams for fun.

Here is how the dx live costs for members,

  • 25 Points – 50$
  • 50 Points – 100$
  • 110 Points – 200$
  • 170 Points – 300$

Other cam show charges,

  • Sneaking into other cam shows for 1-minute charges 1.2 points
  • Conversation with Dx Live models for 1-minute charges 1.2 points

Sites Like DxLive.com:

There are many sex cam sites with Asian and Japanese models who speak in English and perform the hottest sex show for fun. The adventure on the real Japanese cam Dx Live did not work as we anticipated.

Chaturbate Asian models
Chaturbate Asian models are well known for their witty jokes in English and friendly behavior at cam shows.

Sex cam site LiveJasmin and StripChat (review at the links) has tons of beautiful Asian models giving stiff competition to original Japanese cams. Besides, LiveJasmin has free sex cam shows, unlike Dx Live site.

The Final Verdict:

Overall, Dx live tests our patience to the core. Japanese porn lovers should come out of watching such crap sites and explore other cam sites too.

To my bad, I should have listened to my voices in the head, any site as dull as dxlive could never wow us in sex shows. I paid the price for that.

Chaturbate Asian didn’t leave me any chance to move from my cushion and I could now understand why Chaturbate.com is the current favorite place to experience the sexiest Asian cams.

To sum up, Dx live is not the best site to watch Japanese live sex cams. We would be surprised if anybody comes up satisfied after watching sex cam shows here.

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