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On July 10, 2018
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A token based live cams and adult video chat site that has been online 15 plus years. Read our full reviews to see prices and costs and compare this sex streaming site to others.

Bongacams actually according to Alexa traffic stats is one of the most frequented live sex webcam sites in the world. However, I’m not sure I’m buying what they’re selling.

All I’m saying is I think those stats are off, bongacams can be fun but I can also free up your damn computer and be one of the slowest pains in your ass when it comes to any video chat site.

Here’s the problem; bongacams allow cam girls temperature just far too much crap on their profile pages. Remember 1991 when Myspace did that, you be cruising along, and all of a sudden your computer would crash just by landing on a profile.

That’s sort of my frustration with bongacams. I have another great bongacams also has a really extensive verification process and it sometimes takes too long to register and get into a live chat session.

There are some really cool things about this cam girls chat site but they have some big challenges to overcome to be the best webcam sex site.

BongaCams Reviews – All the Dirty Secrets: reviews reviews: Screenshot of the last show we had on this platform.

Here is how I would summarize experience sex chat on bongacams.

It’s Hit or Miss what I mean what is you can spend a super hot girl who will just instantly strip show her tits bend over fucked her pussy within minutes for like 2 bucks a minute.

The next time you can end up with a cam girl who will charge you five bucks a minute and want to dance around the dress and simply refused to take her clothes off.

It seems half the girls working I am really interested in masturbation shows but just some b******* dance performances.

This isn’t really a problem you run into another sex cam sites; at least not as often as bongacams.

Bongacams typically has around 800 models live at any given time. That also includes couples males transsexuals and of course the cam girls.

So whenever you’re on that website for the first time you’ll notice a couple things that are seen a little strange first off on the right-hand side you’ll see a green box that appears as though some random girl is chatting with you there’s a box where you can start typing and hit send, but that’s just a decoy or fake chat box and it’s a waste of time.

BongaCams is a Russia based cam site for sex-based chat.

On the left side, you’ll actually be able to see the model who you’ve most recently been chatting with while you continue to browse other cam girls.

Something relatively unique that I should mention about bongacams is they have some really bizarre and sometimes fun creative as well as categories to search from.

For example, you can find categories such as medium tits, pregnant, bondage, foot fetish, and even squirting orgasm shows using these search methods here another can I call the thing is they do have a modicon to bongacams.

And you can also send direct emails to the cam girls as well as add them as friends. That’s kind of unique. A lot of that functionality really seems redundant though.

Example: You can add them as a friend but also be a lover? Why is it even necessary? Lastly, I should also mention the depth of the language options at this site.

There are actually 36 languages available on bongacams but a rarely known fact is 80% of the users are using the cam site in English.

Clearly, the numbers don’t lie and there are millions of people using bongacams to talk with girls nude on webcam. Maybe is a site we should be using more often and we just have yet to discover more of the positive aspects.

Is BongaCams Legit? or just a scam?

If you’re asking if bongacams are a scam then I play with 100% certainty it is not a scam. is a legit adult cam site and you will, in fact, get what you pay for but I should qualify that statement by also telling you that certainly, you do run the risk of the low-quality camera shows if the performer you decide to go private with doesn’t deliver it isn’t much you can do.

However, you can always exit their show and then just find a different cam girl; this is the beauty of using webcam sex sites. There are always tons and tons of options as far as different women on cam to chat with.

Bongacams home shows how hot and naughty cam models it has for adults.

Likewise, bongacams deliver basically a conduit between men and women the chat, one of these is typically a performer, and one a customer, and bongacams take their split and really has nothing to do with what a cam girl does or does not do.

Say for example you’re asking for taboo sex fetish shows with something like that you want to type it clearly that politely and make sure the performer is willing to do that type of show before you go live.

Cost for BongaCams Live Sex Shows:

Again we’ve already covered the cost to use bongacams at least in general but let’s go over the price is a little bit more in detail.

So the starter packages at bongacams live sex chat website are $2  and 99 cents for 17 tokens and then the packages will go clear up to about $1,000 which gives you nearly 9,000 tokens. Now obviously you’re not going to be forking over a grand and going all balls in at first.

High rollers or what are called ‘whales’ in the adult webcams industry spend literally thousands of dollars on webcams but chances are that is not you.

The great equalizer on video sex cams is that cam girls literally have no idea how much you spend overall so you could be a whale or you could just be spending $3 and you going to get the same quality show at least initially.

BongaCams Prices:

  • $2.99 for 17 tokens
  • $7.99 for 53 tokens
  • $19.99 for 137 tokens
  • $29.99 for 244 tokens
  • $49.99 for 432 tokens
  • $74.99 for 650 tokens
  • $499.99 for 4500 tokens
  • $990 for 8990 tokens

BongaCams Reviews Summary:

Okay so if for a recap of bongacams reviews I would just emphasize that you really want to read our list of the best adult cam sites and maybe first try one of the top three platforms. In particular, take a minute to read our Streamate reviews.

Bongacams live porn
Bongacams live porn is an extravagant exhibition of hot girls, guys, and trans. Bonga cams are 100% free to watch cam shows.

Now I’m not going to knock bongacams because I do like it and I do have a membership that I use frequently there.

However, I’m not a daily user because as I mentioned before I think it’s just too cluttered and there’s too much crap that doesn’t need to be on the site which crowds out the functions used most often.

I’ve also encountered slowness which makes it a pain in the ass to chat with cam girls on your mobile phone.

And let’s face it more and more people are using sex cams on your phone then I’m a desktop.

Desktops though in the comfort of your own home it’s really where you’re going to have the more links here XXX cam shows, so at least they have that going for themselves. All in all my is a fantastic cam site not to be missed.

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