CamLords Reviews are Not Real

July 7, 2018 Off By Bob Masterson

CamLords Reviews – What’s REALLY Going On?!

A fake reviews site called Bristollaire ranked this as a top cam site but what they wont tell you is they own the brand and it’s nothing more than a logo laid over the top of another legit adult webcam site called Streamate. Always make sure your using the actual site that handles the billing and manages the models.


Fake reviews on

Bristollaire says this is one of the top cam sites but the idea a cloned cam site is one of the best adult webcams websites is totally hogwash. The best adult webcam sites are REALLY their own site and this site called CamLords has no business on any list of the best adult cams. We have the real list of the 10 best cam sites but to say this is one of the best cam sites is just silly folks. Clearly the same person that owns the logo and brand CamLords also is writing the review of

You deserve to know the truth about each adult cams site you use and it’s fake reviews like this that give cam sites a bad name. You will never catch us writing adult webcam reviews on our own sites.

Is CamLords Legit? or just a scam?

It’s not a scam but we don’t rank this site because it’s just an affiliate scheme laid over a real cam site.

Cost for CamLords Live Sex Shows :

Typically $3 or $4.00 dollars per minute but that all depends on the performer you select for a nude cam show.

Is CamLords a Good Cam Girls Site :

I won’t even go there. It’s a non-started as this is just a logo over the top of a cam site called (review at that link)

Sites Like CamLords :

Obviously the real platform is the site most like it because that’s the site that you’re using; so it goes without saying register at the real cam site powering this affiliate site over the top of it.

Summary of our CamLords Reviews :

I dislike the lack of transparency behind the camlords reviews and the types of promotion. People should be able to tell who operates each site and by operate I mean totally owns and manages all the aspects of the site. CamLords is a logo and nothing else. Visit direct and know you’re at the true original platform.