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List of Safe PornHub Alternative Sites (Similar & Better!)

Are you looking for a pornhub alternative? Had it with all the sketchy stuff the pornhub videos site has been making headlines for? Want to find a site like pornhub but safe and better for performers?

Well, you are in luck considering we have found and shared all the details about the top porn sites that make great alternatives to pornhub.

The 8 Best Alternatives to Pornhub

Look I have no ax to grind with but it’s both gotten stale and made some poor decisions in recent years on what to allow and not allow.

It’s also highly johnny come lately that they want to make the platform performer friendly when the whole history of the site is based on content theft. I mean seriously, do you really think that pornhub wants the pornstars to benefit from ALL the videos that are accessible on their site?

And let’s be honest. Were a big camp, those of us that like our free porn videos include soccer moms and the like.

Also with the fact, premium is making more and more videos stuck behind their paywall it’s just wise to find some good pornhub fallback sites. Not to mention how many countries are now IP blocking

Anyway, you get the idea and probably found this article because you were already thinking the exact same thing.

Here is the best news…

Besides porntube sites like pornhub, we also included some of the best live porn alternatives as well. only has a cloned version of live cams in pornhublive and that really is not an original webcam offering. Loads of people use the cams on pornhub more than the free videos but nowhere I checked offered a list of live cam sites like pornhub cams.

I should also note that sometimes the pornhub live cams direct users to as well. Don’t get it twisted that too is another clone. Always stick to the original of the safe alternatives below.

pornhub alternative
A list of pornhub alternative sites that even covers the pornhub live cams.

Well, some of these are performer direct cam sites. So no more looking at ripped off videos on pornhub and instead, you can see the live performances from the live pornstars where they happen.

First, we’ll start with porn tube sites like We share safe sites like pornhub. however, let me just say that more and more people are using the live porn cam on these free porn tube sites and looking at the free sex videos less.

I don’t even look at free porn videos because I think it’s boring compared to live porn. My hunch is most of you will be more interested in my second set of live sites like pornhub cams. After all social media porn and egirls are all the rage these days. However, sites like only fans are the only other place besides the root source live sex cam sites. Besides who really has the time to be sitting around hunting for the best snapchat nudes.

Let’s get these mundane porntubes like out of the way first though.

Consider Performers When You Choose a Pornhub Alternative

In other words, scroll past the first 4 and the next 4 will offer a lot better free porn! After all, most of the best porn sites are those that offer some level of interaction; as in the legit cybersex sites that offer free cams.

1. Spankbang: is a popular adult porn site and arguably one of the best alternatives for pornhub. Spankbang lets adults watch porn content for free, and we have to sign up to download the porn videos.

Spankbang is a very prevalent porn tube site among porn lovers and probably because it is 100% free to use. It never asks to sign up for a one-day trial fee, and we can enjoy watching new porn clips every day for the whole year. I watched Mikayla demaiter nude leaks and teasing videos on Spankbang and have to say, it’s too erotic.

pornhub alternative
Spankbang is a great pornhub alternative to watch free porn videos.

The website looks very clean and quick browsing pattern without many ads. That’s one of the things we don’t see in porn video sites. One thing I like about is the fetish porn, I just wish there was more of it.

Spankbang offers unlimited porn videos of different quality and different genres. Be it 4k porn videos or 1080p sex videos, everything here is available for free to watch.

Not only that, spank bang joins the party by showing VR porn videos to adults too. New technologically advanced porn videos are fantastic to watch using virtual reality devices. Spankbang has six million-plus porn videos under various categories such as amateur, ass, creampie, gangbang, milf, lesbian, bdsm, petite, blonde, cheating, blackmailed, dildo, BBW, big tits, blowjob, cuckold, and more.

Most adults think a site like pornhub can be a source of stress relief to watch new porn, but that is not entirely true. Live porn sites are better, and it lets the user talk to real porn models while performing.

2. Xnxx

Xnxx is another most-watched pornhub alternative site among adults. Xnxx is not only about watching porn videos but also presents a dedicated section of HD photos. Yes, it is free to view and download.

Xnxx has smooth browsing features giving the porn lover the ultimate porn experience. It has tons and tons of kinky videos and jerks off porn scenes that make the porn addicts beat the meat again.

similar to pornhub
Xnxx porn site is similar to pornhub but with a large number of porn videos.

The highlighting thing about xnxx is the ability to provide all types of porn under one site. We can watch softcore, extreme BDSM, bondage, hardcore, harsh, and all other things that can give you chills.

Watch thousands of nude couples having lewd sex on videos, movies, public places, and hidden cams. Simply speaking, the porn videos here in xnxx is endless.

You can ask anyone who watched porn on the XNXX site, and they will quote the site as a complete porn experience. Check out the Xnxx review here for a full-fledged read on this mammoth porn tube site. However, do realize that not even the best naked girl galleries will compare to places where you can talk to amateur girls on cam that we have outlined below.

3. Xvideos

Xvideos is the parent site of the xnxx porn tube site. Xvideos is one of the oldest adult video sharing sites with nine million-plus exclusive porn videos for adults.

sites like pornhub
Top porn tube sites like pornhub are hard to find and glad that we found xvideos.

Xvideos may look similar to pornhub, but it is way better in numbers, quality of porn, and viewers count. You can watch a 10-second porn clip or 5 hours porn movie in xvideos for free.

Are you a fan of watching pornstar sex movies? Do you want to watch live sex cams? Do you like watching archived and best porn videos? Xvideos has everything to perfection, and you don’t have to sweat looking for pornhub alternatives anymore.

Adults can enjoy watching porn games for free using xvideos too. All the more reasons to browse and take a hard look at what this porn tube site is all about. Check the complete Xvideos review here.

4. Xhamster

Next up, we have, a promising alternative for pornhub with 5 million sex videos and movies. Comparing to other pornhub alternatives mentioned above, was new but with power-packed porn videos.

xhamster porn
xhamster porn contents are erotic, and the premium ones deserve special applause.

Xhamster has both free and premium porn content. The premium version includes some of the finest porn videos from top porn studios. Aside from that, it also has other features like live videos, dating, nude photos, and many more.

Anybody who wants to watch 4K sex videos will stick to xhamster compared to pornhub. And, if you are a pro porn surfer who loves to explore and find the hottest sex videos of unusual types, then switch to the search box in xhamster, type the keywords, and you’ll find what you need.

Check out the complete Xhamster review here and have a detailed read on that. (Just keep in mind that the xham cams are not original here. (Scroll down to read our stripchat explanation below and it will all make sense.)

5. Beeg is a fantastic and new looking porn tube with big thumbnails of porn videos in minimum layout. The fuss-free website design manages to impress porn lovers with HD stills.

beeg porn
Beeg porn movies are slightly different from the rest, and the quality of the videos is top-notch.

The porn video archives are not so enormous, and beeg provides sex videos from top porn studios in the USA and other studios in the world. Almost 90 percent of porn content comes in full high definition quality, and that’s the talking point about beeg.

We could see more Asian porn videos are available on the home page. Not many porn tube platforms show that way. Overall, beeg is a decent alternative to pornhub, but they also have knockoff cams and not much original content!

Read the full beeg review here to understand more about this porn sharing site.

Bonus – Gotanynudes is another free adult porn site but focuses of sharing leaked porn pictures and onlyfans content for 18+ users.

Now let’s talk about the even better pornhub alternatives.

These are places where pornhub videos originate because all so often their simply being ripped off from the best adult webcam sites. I mean seriously we all know that the amateur porn videos are hotter and the most-watched pornhub videos are those which are actually happening live on xxx cam sites.

So here it is, the cam sites like pornhub live cams. Also, take note that is not just to streamate but it’s a clone of it. So when I suggest this safe site similar to pornhub cams I am referring you to the root source of these naughty webcam shows!

Yes, pornhublive was never original in the first place. Perhaps that fact should show you that you may have had an overreliance on just one source for all your porn viewing needs.

These Are Websites Similar to Pornhub but they also offer Live Cams

1. Streamate is one of the top adult sex cam sites that stream live porn shows for adults. Sites like pornhub take live sex cam videos from streamate and other sex cams for their benefit.

The stellar feature about streamate is the ability to give away sex cam shows and spycam shows of hot porn models to adult cam lovers for 100% free. As a porn lover, you get two choices, watch the porn shows live and interact with the pornstars.

site like pornhub
Streamate is another site like pornhub but they offer live cams.

You can start to have cam2cam sex with porn models starting at a rate of 2$ per month. Sometimes even less when they give away monthly offers. Check out the full Streamate reviews here and find out what’s more we can expect from the best cam site.

This is my favorite live porn alternative to pornhub because it’s got more American porn and feels like a premium site yet it’s entirely free to chat with the same pornstars that you might watch videos of over at

2. LiveJasmin

This place has far more gorgeous girls doing porn than pornhub

LiveJasmin is another go-to site when it comes to watching live porn. Do you love sexting with pornstar like models? is the best place for that.

LiveJasmin has porn models of various backgrounds and different prices. It also has models who can strip naked and masturbate on cams for less than a dollar per minute.

Read more on our legit LiveJasmin reviews here and get to watch some free porn shows shared on it.

3. StripChat

StripChat is a legit webcam sex chat site with men, women, couples, and trans performers who love stripping naked and stream their sex cams online. shares world-class porn for a fair price too. If you’re into European, Asian, and African porn models, then Stripchat will be a delight for you.

Watch unlimited HD porn cams straight on mobile phones and other devices using Stripchat for no cost. Read the StripChat reviews to get insights about this top webcam sex chat site.

world-class porn
It really is a world-class porn site.

If there was one site similar to pornhub that I thought has the brightest future it’s this one! I mean for goodness sake, just look at this performer named perfectt33n. Not to mention that this site is way easier to use than pornhub mobile too.

perfectt33n is just one example of so many options on this site like pornhub.

4. Chaturbate

Next up, we have the mighty Chaturbate sex cam site. It is one of the oldest and most-watched cam porn sites of all time. Chaturbate has the most number of porn models & porn cam shows compared to other sites. works on a freemium model and a good alternative for those who got bored of watching porn videos. Watch unlimited sex cams from 18+ models all over the globe. Chaturbate is a legit porn cam site, and you can take any review site, and this will always find a place on the top 5. To know more about this sex chat site, glance at our Chaturbate reviews for complete details. Also, you may also want to discover chaturbate alternatives for free sex cams.

I mean let’s be honest pornhub has been stealing videos from Chaturbate anyway and some of the best porn videos on pornhub are nothing more than ripped cam girl streams from here. They have everything when it comes to cybersex and I find new things like hentai cam girls here all the time.

chaturbate is a great alternative to pornhub
chaturbate is a great alternative to pornhub

“Which begs the fucking question, why even use pornhub when you can watch the better porn live!”  – Billy

I don’t know, you tell me, would you prefer to watch some fuzzy recorded porn videos from 1998 sound like more fun than watching schoolgirl19 fingerbang another 18-year-old girl’s butt?

free porn site
It’s a free porn site plus free cams!

For me, it’s a pretty clear choice but I do tend to favor extreme porn sites.

5. ImLive

ImLive is another free live sex cam site with tons of outdoor cam models getting their bajingos fingered for fun. ImLive is a much cheaper and easy to use cam site with big thumbnail views of cam shows. on mobile is a visual treat for cam lovers. The sound clarity of porn models and chat shows are excellent. ImLive is a safe sex cam site, and that’s what makes it on our elite list.

free porn sites
While free porn sites maybe cost nothing, your time is not free!

Check out the full ImLive reviews here to watch cam shows and details about webcam sex pricing. When I just want cheap live sex on cam fast without the bullshit I go here.

I mean finding the right porn video on can be a time-consuming endeavor and this site solves that with immediate orgasm-worthy action!

In conclusion, maybe it’s time to broaden your adult entertainment horizons. The top webcam sex sites simply offer more free porn than

You also might want to check out the hottest new leaked onlyfans and a beautiful compilation of tik tok porn models.

As you can see by our list of sites like there are some really excellent alternatives out there both with respect to pornhub and the porn hub cams. so go on, give some of them a try and you will be glad you did!

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