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CumSwallowingMovies – One of the Finer Blowjob Porn Sites

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On March 1, 2024
Last modified:April 2, 2024


If you blew through all the pornhub blowjob videos you might find cumswallowingmovies to be sticky. No pun intended. Here is our review.

Blowjob porn sites are a dime a dozen but CumSwallowingMovies makes jizzing on a girl’s face great again.

Okay well, it’s not quite that earth-shattering but the site does a fine job aggregating free blowjob videos in one place for perverts like us to jack off to. Yes, the site has managed to collect several fat cocks and filthy whores caught on film and present a pretty cum-tastic collection.

I will agree with that fact.

Cumswallowingmovies at is a leading free BJ porn site that we are reviewing here today.

What can I say besides the fact that there are loads of girls sucking dicks on free videos available here is that I like the site’s speed, useability, and the fact it’s so centered on cum swallowing movies. If seeing free videos of women giving head is your trigger then this is a good stopover that ought to do the trick for most of us.

There is lots of super graphic free facial porn of all genres to be frank as well as ages. We saw old ass milfs approaching Gilf status eating nuts and taking them on their foreheads as well as young skinny chicks sucking dicks.

See Chicks Sucking off Hard Cocks

Since there is or was not much for to cumswallowingmoving than it being a free blowjobs gallery of videos I am at a loss for what you could expect from our database of porn reviews.

I can’t draw you any pictures that would better summarize it but for some of the homepage videos we previewed, I did a screenshot for you to get a better idea of what is offered.

Just for the fuck sake, I will explain first what a blowjob is for you dumbfucks and you can go check it out if you want.

blowjob porn
CumSwallowingMovies has a good selection of quality blowjob porn.

Alright, imagine you’re at a banquet, and instead of serving up a platter of hors d’oeuvres, you’re dishing out a buffet of affectionate attention… to someone’s nether regions. Giving head is like being the head chef of intimacy, except your kitchen is located south of the equator.

Think of it as a culinary adventure where you’re exploring uncharted territories with your tongue as the tour guide. It’s like embarking on a flavor expedition, except the flavors are more… personal.

Picture yourself as a human vacuum cleaner, except instead of sucking up dust bunnies, you’re on a mission to tantalize and titillate. It’s like playing a musical instrument, only the instrument is attached to another person and your melody is their moans of delight.

In essence, giving head is the art of making someone’s toes curl, their eyes roll back, and their heart race faster than Usain Bolt. It’s like being a superhero, but instead of fighting crime, you’re fighting off boredom with a cape made of enthusiasm and a mask of mischief.

So, buckle up, buttercup, because giving head is like a rollercoaster ride through Pleasureville, with you as the fearless conductor of the joy train. All aboard!


Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the site was the fact that they zeroed in on quality cum swallowing movies and in doing so seemed to have shared clips that they shouldn’t have and got in trouble for that. More on that below.

cum swallowing movies
They have one of the best selections of good cum swallowing movies.

However, many of us love to make a masterpiece when we cum and drain our balls right on a woman’s grill and that’s also apparently what many people who visit cumswallowing movies love to see. Their selection of explicit bj clips is top shelf only and they have such a wild assortment that it stood out in a porn niche where there could be more offerings for sure.

xHamster blowjobs section and pornhub blowjob videos are perhaps two of the sites like cumswallowing movies but as most of you know they’re very general and don’t go in deep as far as narrowly focusing on the best blowjob movies.

One of the Best Free Blowjob Video Sites

As you’ll read below, this now-defunct site was one of the best free blowjob sites due to its selection of sluts sucking dicks and the fact they also had lots of HD movies of women giving head all the way to completion.

I mean bobbing a guy’s knob is not the same without taking the money shot and so I am sure that most of you appreciated those quality clips and the fact that you didn’t have to pay for them.

That said, these days live porn is truly where it’s at, and watching a woman giving head live on a webcam is way more erotic anyway. The fact is there are boatloads of bitches sucking dick at the best adult cams.

One of our favorite places for cheap BJ cams is though because you get to save your private shows and build your own database of girls sucking dicks. Imagine a library of saved cum swallowing movies of real girls next door from private chat sessions with you. The best part is they give you a one-click option to save these videos in your personal library where only you can see them for free as often as you wish.

I mean just look at the smug proud grin of Fiona_Kent_ as she cleans her toy off after masturbating in the car while sucking a dick!

free blowjob porn
CumSwallowingMovies was one of the best free blowjob porn but I think the alternative is even better.

view her cam button

Sites Like

Well as I mentioned above there are lots of sites like cumswallowingmovies to choose from but the age-old trusted pornhub blowjobs section of that of xHamster is probably the best followed by the bj clips of or Perhaps the amateur sections of EroMe are worth checking out though too but for me, I prefer seeing it as it happens live and I think you will too.

Just don’t expect any of those free premium facial porn clips that got this free cum swallowing site closed the fuck down.

You may also want to check out the best sites for live bukkake porn.

UPDATED: As some have asked CumSwallowingMovies was sued for willful copyright infringement and this is the status of the matter.

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