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Asstr Altsex Stories: A Witty Platform to Read Free Erotica Stories

ASSTR aka Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository is a free site to read about the oldest archives of erotic literature. Launched in the year 1998, asstr is still available for free to porn readers. still looks like an ancient erotic site with not many updates over the years. Sex stories from Asstr are also old and we can’t see the newest porn stories yet.

Porn story site Asstr has more than 1000 authors and indexed over 500,000 sex stories on their site as of now.

ASSTR Summary: Ostentatiously Jaded Sex Story Site To Become Too Involved

Alt sex stories asstr
Alt sex stories asstr are not the best of things we’d recommend to adult porn readers.

Asstr also has a sister site called Leslita that contains explicit lesbian sex stories for free. is more of a search engine type of platform to type the keyword and get the sex stories on the result.

Another niche site named the Kristen archives has a list of porn stories in directories. We’d say we’re a bit baffled by the way a lot of different niche sites have been placed within the alt sex stories.

AltSexStories Features:

Sex story repository – has far more incest stories than other sites. It evident Asstr incest stories are famous among adults for decades.

Here are some of the famous altsex stories tags we can see on the site,

  • Asstr lesbian sex fantasy
  • Ped sex novels
  • Asstr family sex stories
  • Daughter sex stories
  • Asstr pza poems
  • Wifeslut stories
  • Femdom novels
  • Real incest stories
  • Sexy sluts
  • Lolita stories

What works and What didn’t in the alt sex stories site?

A beautifully written and yet old novel like erotica stories is a big boost to this site. All altsex stories are easier to read and no fuss scrolling down with unwanted ads.

In short, a poor user interface and zero user experience have let down this famous alt sex repository big time. Therefore, looks like dead meat to most sex story readers.

Sex Story Sites like AltSexStories:

Make no mistake, there is a huge fan base for erotic stories online even now. When sites like alt sex stories fail, we have other sites to cover for readers.

Take a glance at Chyoa (review at the link) and that’s exactly the kind of place where millennial sex story lovers would jump right in. Verdict:

Camsoda live porn cams
Camsoda live porn cams are precisely what we visualized while reading sex stories.

We have pretty much brief about what could have been the best erotic literature site is gone down to dust with no updates on the last few years.

Many sex stories are clever nowadays with ample integration of sex magazines, sex videos, and sex cam shows as well.

Yes, we can watch free live porn stuff the way we read in the sex stories.

In fact, Adult webcam sites like makes it feasible for porn lovers to watch sex shows of models without paying a dime.

The world is moving really fast and if you don’t manage to cover the audience, you’ll be forgotten quickly and is a perfect example of that.

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