5 best sex stories sites

5 Best Sex Stories Sites (Full Erotica)

Sex stories are one of the oldest forms of adult entertainment platforms still preferred by adults. The internet has thousands of sex story sites nowadays, and most of them seemed to have copied one another or just inconsistent sex stories without many thrills.

We’ve taken a large amount of time to figure which are the 5 best sex story sites that should have intriguing stories of different generations. Because some people still want to read sex stories long and some prefer short and hits the nail.

Why Sex Stories Sites Have Long Internet Life?

sex stories
Best sex stories should make you gizzed off at ease.

We know it’s quite surprising even now to see millions across the globe prefer to read and have a quiet little private time reading the salacious stories to awaken their sexual fantasies.

Story porn had a large decline in readers whenever there is a new porn related site launched.

It’s fair to think adults lack the patience to read down all the word content instead of that they prefer watching hot and erotic porn videos for free.

Sex stories are free, secured, and we can access the complete site without even signing up. But other porn sites and porn movies platforms ask for more permissions and accessibility.

Sex stories are interesting, a dynamic we can access them even with smaller internet data or even download them and read them offline.

Sex Stories That People Love (or even crazier):

Here are some of the sex story categories widely reached and most read by adults in the current era,

  • Gay Sex Stories
  • Young Sex Stories
  • Family Sex Stories
  • Incest Sex Stories
  • Wife Sex Stories
  • Mature Sex Stories
  • Teen Sex Stories

Out of all that, would you believe if we say Incest erotica has millions of viewers every day? Yes, it’s true.

Top 5 Sex Story Sites:


Literotica (Literotica.com) is a world-renowned site to read free sex stories for adults. Sensual writings, lewd themes, mom sex stories, and tons of free sex audios are accessible for free in Literatica.

This site has millions of free sex stories for adults, and anybody who comes across the term sex stories would easily known litrotica is one of the best in the business.


Chyoa’s story porn involves mostly fan fiction sex stories contributed by smart storytelling authors. It also supports adults sign up and write the sexy stories of their choice, send them back to the site, chyoa gives proper credit to them.

Chyoa is relatively new compared to the Literotica site but has a fan base in North American countries.


Lushstories is a splendidly designed sex stories site for sex addicts. Lush stories are also taken a storm among adults with excessive free sex erotica stories. Lush stories have almost half a million registered members and distributed 50,000+ sexy stories for free.

It is one of the very few sites to have nsfwcyoa type porn stories written and shared for free. Lust stories have a forum option linked with NSFW cyoa reddit sex stories.

Lushstories.com features an adult network and other live webcam sections to make it a lot of interesting sites apart from just sexy stories.

couples sex stories
Couples sex stories, affair stories, and incest sex stories are the top sexy stories adults love to read for hours.

Alt Sex Stories Text Repository:

ASSTR is also known as the Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository, one of the best places to collect and read erotica literature, stories, and essay. Asstr is not the type of site where we can read xhamster stories or xnxx stories with creative magazines.

Asstr runs with the old theme even in the 2022nd. Just like other top sex story sites, Asstr has been managed by 1000+ writers who contribute sex stories for the last 20 years.


StoriesOnline is yet another visual treat for adult porn story readers. Sex story site StoriesOnline sure knows how to write sex erotica stories for adults of different ages.

StoriesOnline.net has miniature sex stories, lengthy fiction wife sex stories, and a series of incest erotica stories for adults.

Let us give this to you straight, sex stories and porn videos are pretty much a tough business to run online nowadays.

Finding out quality sex stories sites can be tricky because we have smart marketers who promote a mediocre site as good ones.

Our best suggestion would be, check out as many sex stories sites until you find something right for you.

Alternative to Sex Story Sites:

Chaturbate couple sex cams
Mike and Bella from Chaturbate sex cams are so sensual and poetic. Make no mistake, they can do raunchy and wild stuff do.

We do not say porn sites are the best alternatives to sex story addicts.

The sex story explains inch by inch of the character’s roleplay before romantically getting into sexual intercourse.

Porn addicts enjoy reading sex stories and try all sorts of fetish and bdsm tricks. Thank us later, we just pulled out the strings and added the best fetish porn sites for porn addicts last night.

We’d replaced the habit of watching old and recorded porn videos with steamy live sex cams. What’s a more interesting fact is best adult sex cam sites offer free cam shows.

We could sense some of the readers raise the eyebrows, and think how can that be possible? It is true.

We’ve been watching tons of sex cam shows before going in for full monty cam 2 cam sex with single girls, lesbians, and couples.

The last night, I had the pleasure of watching a couple bang each other on sex cams for free. It’s Mike and Bella’s sex cam show at Chaturbate.com that completed my week with a happy ending.

The reason why we mention sex cams as an alternative is, we can watch the sensual sex performance of pornstars by our liking. They will perform in a way we share inputs and it’s phenomenal for a porn lover.

Chaturbate can surprise anyone fond of reading erotica stories. They have the wildest of girls who are never shy of doing naughty stuff online.

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