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Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum Share What Has Helped Them Stay Together

Dream Wedding Photo Layout for a Magazine Ashley and JP

Ashley Herbert and J.P. Rosenbaum recently married after a year and a half engagement. Others who have not been so fortunate except Trista Rehn & her husband, Ryan Sutter, and they are married and have two children. Trista was the very first bachelorette. Ashley and J.P. have thought about their relationship and how far they have come. Here is their perception of what has enabled them to come this far. They both feel that they fit together well and it

Once Again Emily Maynard and her Daughter’s Grandparents are Feuding

Recent Photo of Emily Maynard and her Daughter Ricki

It seems that Emily Maynard and her daughter’s grandparents (Rick and Linda Hendrick) are feuding again. As we reported earlier, Emily Maynard is expressing the desire to move to Hollywood. The grandparents want Ricki to have as normal a childhood as possible, but they feel Emily’s need for the limelight and wanting to be a celebrity interferes with that. Ricki’s grandfather even went so far as to talk to the teachers to ask them to watch Ricki’s behavior and to

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert & JP Rosenbaum’s Wedding will be Officiated by Chris Harrison

I am really looking forward to Ashley Herbert and JP Rosenbaum’s wedding celebration. Thanks goodness they are still so much in love and going through with it. With the several broken engagements we have seen recently, this is great news. Ashley recently enjoyed her Bachelorette Party with close friends in Scottsale, Arizona. And Chris Harrison will be officiating at this wedding. This will be his second wedding as he officiated at ABC Producer Cassie Lambert’s wedding last summer. As we

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