TheYNC Reviews: Extreme Porn Or Sick Video Sharing Site?

Today, we are gonna check out an extreme porn site called TheYNC and let’s see what it got to surprise us. Extreme porn videos are widely liked by most couples around the world.

TheYNC is known for daily uploads of extreme porn, shocking videos, daily media, and other news videos. is launched way back in 2005 and still running solid.

Does TheYNC have enough hardcore sex videos to satisfy hardcore couples? Let’s check out the in this review and understand whether it’s worth it or not.

TheYNC Summary: We expected Porn, they have given extreme videos.

Extreme porn site TheYNC is exactly the type of platform we should avoid!

TheYNC looks horrifying from the very first look. Just when we thought we are in extreme porn sites but TheYNC has got more gore videos and less hardcore porn.

It does have porn, sex cams, meet and fuck, top porn options to save the users from disgusting experience.

TheYNC as a whole site is not the platform we hoped for. For fuck’s sake, many singles and couples wanted to watch a piece of hardcore sex video to get their Friday night and TheYNC isn’t doing them any favor.

TheYNC’s Features:

Home – home is filled with extreme videos and that’s not the crap we are into.

Best of the Week – A slider in the TheYNC home flashes the best of the extreme videos upload weekly. It’s the sex we expected but the videos are filled with fight and blood.

Featured – Another section on the home that has disturbing videos of accidents, cruel fights, and blood. TheYNC is a sick place to even browse it.

User Uploads – TheYNC has options like extreme porn sites to create an account and upload all types of nonsense videos on their platform.

Porn – What can we say, the porn should be the one at the front side but it’s been tagged into some section at the top. As we said earlier, TheYNC is not the extreme porn site we hoped for.

Gore – Thousands of cruel and dreadful videos are been stacked up in the gore section. What the fuck was that; will be the reactions from most of the users.

Underground – Another dark and underground based unnerving videos are uploaded in his section. One must know, TheYNC is a site not to be used.

Weird Shit – It’s not common in TheYNC. Almost all the videos mentioned on this site look weird shit and a total waste of time.

Extreme Porn Sites like

It’s been a rollercoaster ride checking out the TheYNC platform. Gladly we have other sites that looked better with porn videos. Yes, We’re talking about Crazyshit (review at the link) which has equally better porn.

Chaturbate hardcore live porn
Watching Chaturbate hardcore live porn is 100 times better than stepping into TheYNC.

Porn and Sex Cams – Overall, it is a huge disappointment in TheYNC porn.

We’d rather spent a good amount of time in watching extreme live porn cams for free. Conclusion:

Mistake. Visiting TheYNC will be a huge mistake for adults.

We’ve had the chance to review this TheYNC shit site right now and must say, this is one of the gruesome sites to visit. is ZERO in extreme sex videos and we’d be happy to erase the memory of visiting the TheYNC site, forever.

Nevertheless, this might be one of the useful TheYNC reviews for adults. Entering TheYNC leaves us with sleepless nights for sure.

Fuck TheYNC site!

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