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SexyandFunny Comparison: Lots of Porn But Nothing Exceptional

SexyandFunny is yet another oldest popular porn blog that specializes in sharing adult content related to naked girls and sex videos. was started in 2003 and has thousands of useful adult content spread for porn lovers. It believes in sharing humorous and yet sexy content that can be widely reached to its users.

SexyandFunny Blog Summary: A Boon Or A Curse to Porn lovers?

SexyandFunny porn blog
SexyandFunny porn blog lacks the punch it needs to cover a wider range of porn readers.

Sexy and Funny looks fairly old for a popular porn blog site and doesn’t manage to modernize it for years.

We could see lots of ads on the home page and all of them are displaying the live sex cams of different sites on the internet.

Every day we get to see updates and news related to Sexy and Funny hot videos of different kinds. We’d accept not everything about porn is charming to the eyes.

SexyandFunny’s Features:

SexyandFunny Home – The homepage is filled with lots of stuff related to porn. On the very top, a featured slider that has free sexy images of models around the world. Then we have the articles explaining the sexy images and videos as a description.

Sexy Videos – Check out the free porn videos collection and it’s a brief introduction and the links are mentioned here.

S & F Photos – For porn image addicts, here’s one dedicated section to showcases thousands of sexy photos for free.

SexyandFunny Models – Love to know about the sexy models in Peep into this part to know more about them. You’ll get to see the social media details of the porn models too, which is a bonus.

Free Cams – SexyandFunny ties up with different cam sites and added them to the free cams section.

Forums – A pretty old discussion platform to talk about the porn content shared in Hardly we see 100 people online and talk about it.

Porn Blog Sites like

MyFreeCams live show girl
Image of MyFreeCams live show girl sexting with adult cam members.

Even with a decade-plus existence SexyandFunny didn’t capitalize and understood to score it big.

Take ThePornDude (review at the link) for example, it’s a much more complete site when it comes to porn-related stuff. Conclusions:

SexyandFunny is a downer due to its old design which manages to damage the user interface and experience as a whole.

Also, the sexy videos, naked girl galleries, games, and porn videos aren’t able to cover the fact SexyandFunny is a boring place.

The only plus we’d recall is SexyandFunny mentioning about on the live cams. That’s a very smart inclusion as MyFreeCams is the only live sex show site that is run with female models.

Sexy and Funny had an excellent opportunity over the years to revamp and produce more useful and informative content but sadly, it hasn’t done anything greatly worth mentioning in the spotlight.

To sum up, SexyandFunny is lost the battle on porn blog competition a long time ago.

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