Planetsuzy Reviews: A Worthy Porn Forum or Not?

Planetsuzy is a free porn and adult videos forum that is running for 14 years right now. Even though looks simple, it hasn’t changed its website theme in a very long time.

Planet Suzy has more than 1 million threads of discussions about porn videos, pictures, stories, and much more. is still used by many porn addicts when in need of any suggestions and updates related to the adult entertainment industry.

Planetsuzy Summary: Untapped Place to Find Adult Porn Contents

Planetsuzy porn forum
Not having much free porn stuff makes planetsuzy porn forum a downer.

Planetsuzy looks very plain with a sexy animated image at the top and followed by logins and menu sections and then big sexy ads that redirect to other porn sites.

This porn forum site may look like it’s an obsolete site but it’s not. It is still active and many users are participating in daily updates and discussions.

Does Planetsuzy have the answer to the best porn sites? Let’s check out the features and see what they can offer to us.

Planetsuzy’s Features:

Register – It’s easier to sign up in Planetsuzy with a valid email ID. Enter all the regular information and we need to activate the account link via email.

Even without registration, a guest user can access popular threads, discussions, and updates. However, guests have limited access.

If we want to understand as a whole, a registered account might help find what we need.

FAQ – All the basic questions about using are answered in this section.

Today’s Posts – Check out the every day updates on Planetsuzy in this section. It’s available for both guests and registered users. If you’re a registered user, you’ll be receiving mail notifications too.

Search – Find all sorts of porn-related discussions and general queries by typing keywords on the search tab. Although the porn forum may not have answers for all our intimate doubts and questions.

Forum – Planetsuzy had made sure it deals with porn discussions on priority but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss anything normal day to day life. A proper introduction, general discussions, computer help, entertainment discussions are also available.

Porn Forum Sites like

Streamate porn
Glad to see Streamate porn has been discussed on the planetsuzy forum.

Porn lovers are fortunate that we have several porn forum sites dedicated to them.

One, for example, is, Vipergirls (review at the link) which is far more focused on porn and girls. Conclusions:

Does Planetsuzy worth spending our time on porn searches? Well, it’s a tough one.

If we’re about to run a porn and adult videos forum, we will focus only on them and give the porn addicts everything they need.

Despite mentioned as a porn forum, Planetsuzy fails to provide adequate information that is been required for porn lovers.

End of the day, what we need is rightful information to watch quality porn stuff.

If we look at the best porn sites in Planetsuzy, it’s not providing information that we already knew.

Porn aficionados are moving from regular recorded porn into more live porn sites and the reason is human connectivity.

We love talking with porn models and have sex online. Sex cam sites like are doing that and it also has free sex cam shows for guest users. What a bonus!

Planetsuzy has years of experience and millions of spreads, nevertheless, the information we hoped related to porn and sex videos are not fulfilled.

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