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Maggie McGehee, also known as OMGcosplay, hails from Denton, Texas. She started cosplaying when she was just twelve years old when her sister took her to the A-Kon anime convention that year.

During her time at the convention, she had a creepy encounter with a con-goer who tried to lure the two girls into a service elevator. Fortunately, this didn’t deter her from pursuing the hobby and eventually turning it into a career. Jessica Nigri is her biggest inspiration for becoming a full-time cosplayer.

After being asked by fans if she had an account for her cosplays, she created her Instagram page, OMGcosplay, in 2015. The account had over 950 thousand followers before it was shut down for violating community guidelines. She was also banned from TikTok for alluding to her Onlyfans page despite never directly advertising it.

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Luckily, the new Maggie McGehee Instagram account is on rebuilding process and has over 120K followers. She posts lots of selfies showcasing her slender curves in sexy bikinis, clubwear, and even lingerie alongside her cosplays of course. Dirtyship and Leakhive (review at the links) are two most trending places to watch uncensored Omgcosplay porn pics.

McGehee still manages to take things to a personable and relatable level even as a sexy cosplay model, mixing in goofy content of her creating double chins or capturing her messy bedhead.

Omgcosplay YouTube channel has the best examples for these. You can tell she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She plays off of being both quirky and hot, and her followers love it.

To top it all off, she makes all of her costumes and props by hand, creating between two and five costumes every two months to keep up with the demand for new content and conventions. She’s cosplayed plenty of popular characters, including Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII, Raven from Teen Titans, and Wonder Woman.

However, McGehee’s rise to cosplay stardom wasn’t without its pitfalls. The influencer would sadly struggle with an eating disorder that led to a suicide attempt in February 2019. Fortunately, she admitted herself to an outpatient program right away and went through recovery for the disorder.

Of course, because of the nature of her work, she also drew attention from a lot of haters claiming that what she does isn’t “real work.” Some even banked on her experiences as a cosplay model ruining her chances of pursuing a career in law.

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McGehee is currently attending University of North Texas with a major in business and hopes to attend law school and start her own practice one day. Right now, she’s working within the legal field and claims they know all about her “nerdoir” shoots, so it sounds like McGehee won’t have much to worry about. Sorry, haters!

You can find lots of great OMGcosplay nudes on her Onlyfans. The best part is her page is totally free. This cosplay goddess has over 8 million likes on her posts, which is incredible even compared to the site’s most popular creators. With over three thousand photos and 450 videos on her free page, subscribing to OMGcosplay is a no brainer.

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