HPJav Asian porn reviews

HPJav Analysis: Tons of Adult Content but a Daffy Porn Site Overall

HPJav is a hardcore Asian porn site that features censored and uncensored porn videos and porn movies. HPJav looks pretty horny if you’re a fan of Japanese, Chinese, and Asian porn videos.

HPJav uses some of the Japanese porn magazines to look as a thumbnail for porn videos. HPJav certainly feels different right from the word go.

HPJav highlights the porn videos by adding the number of views on thumbnails which is unique and may also raise questions about whether it’s true or just a website gimmick.

HPJav Asian Porn Sites: Does it worth all the Hype?

HPJav Asian porn
HPJav videos thumbnails are miserable to see. Very outdated style!

HPJav has more than 100,000 videos of models from different Asian countries.

HPJav looks way too much hyped as one of the best Japanese porn sites but from the looks of it, we highly doubt that.

HPJav.com allows the users to search for keywords or model names to get preferred results. And importantly, the HPJav porn site runs in English as well as 15 other different languages.

HPJav porn videos fail to impress the viewers with loud and clear moaning sounds. I’d checked more than hundreds of videos and that moaning and shouting noise is very important for any porn site.

HPJav’s Features:

HPJav Home – Well, if I’d to be exact, the HPJav home page looks very basic and also the poor alignment of ads spoils the user experience big time.

Hot – All the hardcore Asian girls fuck videos are available in this section. Also, a lot of role-play based hot Japanese porn videos are uploaded for free.

Censored – It’s not surprising that most of Asian porn videos censor the private parts almost all the time.

Uncensored – This might be one of the interesting features that we don’t find in a free Asian porn site. HPJav pulled the strings to upload uncut and raunchy sex videos of local porn stars.

Chinese Sub – Enjoy watching free Chinese subtitled porn videos in this section.

Models – A expanded list of porn stars and their videos are assorted and mentioned here.

Uncensored HD – An upgraded uncut Japanese porn videos of high quality but don’t be surprised if those are premium to watch.

Alternative Asian Porn Sites like HPJav:

If you’d love to watch the next door cute and big tits babes, the HPJav Amateur section has few chicks to peep into. A lot of people think porn sites like HPJav are similar to VJav (review at the link) but it’s not. Vjav has uncensored Japanese sex videos compared to HPJav.

HPJav.tv Verdict:

DxLive Asian porn
DxLive offers adult users to chat and have private cam sex with Japanese models.

HPJav’s live cams are pretty average and baffling to many porn viewers. The mobile version of HPJav.tv is as terrible as we can imagine.

Lots of interruptions and annoying ads provoke us to exit as quickly as possible.

HPJav.tv failed to focus on basic technical updates and presentation of the porn videos.

For those who wanted to watch live Japanese cam girls for fun, HPJav is not the end of the world for us.

I’d recently found a Japanese sex cam platform called DxLive.com where we get to watch and have one on one sex with cute babes.

Verdict on HPJav: Too much hype but nothing special on this Asian porn site.

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