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Before we head to watch Corinna Kopf leaked photos, let’s take a moment and peruse what type of girl she is on real life and what she does for a living.

Born in Palatine, Illinois, Corinna Kopf used to be a nanny at the age of sixteen while she was still a student at a private school in Malibu with dreams of becoming a veterinary physician. She dropped out to pursue social media full time, however, starting an Instagram in 2012.

Standing at 5’5”, Corinna Kopf sports long blonde hair and dramatic curves. She often posts in sexy bikinis and outfits that showcase her amazing figure.

The actual CorrinaKopf Instagram page is here.

Kopf quickly gained popularity, with her most famous post featuring her attending a music festival in 2014. Today she has nearly seven million Instagram followers.

After garnering attention on Twitter too, she ran a poll for her followers and asked if they wanted to see her on YouTube. Naturally, she got an overwhelmingly positive response and began uploading to the platform in 2016. 

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Her first video was a Q&A session, in which she revealed that her first appearance on YouTube was in a prank video on the channel “Second Class,”  which is co-owned by Jack Dytrych, who she met through her close friend David Dobrik.

Kopf had been part of Dobrik’s vlogs since 2015, with her persona on the “Vlogsquad” often centering on sexual jokes about her relationships with the men in the group.

Despite plenty of speculation from viewers, Kopf and Dobrik have never publicly dated, although she did get the words “David’s Vlog” tattooed on her middle finger and credits Dobrik for opening the doors to her own fame.

In 2017, Kopf worked as a personal assistant to internet personality Taylor Caniff, who is best known for his appearances on YouTube and Vine. Mere months into her employment though, she publicly dragged the content creator online, calling him out for his behavior–even tweeting about him allegedly abusing a dog she raised for him.

The content on Kopf’s YouTube channel spans numerous topics, including fashion, skincare, and storytime videos. You can find the CorinnaKopf Youtube channel thoroughly entertaining.

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Fans loved her down-to-earth charm and her content felt somewhat relatable. One of her most notable clips is of her telling a story about a lip injection gone wrong, but don’t worry. Kopf’s signature pouty lips are still beautifully lush. Known as “Pouty Girl” to the internet at large, Kopf even started a clothing line after the moniker on Fanjoy.

Kopf signed an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming in 2019 after being banned from Twitch for her revealing attire but eventually made her way back onto Twitch in 2022. She mixed in “Just Chatting” streams with her gaming content, and her viewership skyrocketed as a result. She now has over a million followers on the platform. Here is Corinna Kopf twitch account.

This hot internet star is clearly not afraid to show off her amazing body. She claims to have made over $4 million within her first month of starting her Onlyfans page, and continues to earn over $1 million/month on the site.

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