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Big Brother Willie Hantz’s Nephew Brendon Hantz Makes a Statement Regading Willie’s Leaving

     Here is some of what he said:  ”I appreciate everyone’s support. No one knows what happened in there. We can all speculate what happened. It doesn’t matter.   He’s family. He’s my family. He’s my blood. He’s my uncle and I’m gonna go to bat for him. If you have something negative to say, keep it to yourself. I don’t wanna hear it. You can’t expect anyone to be pushed up against a wall, pushed into a corner. I

Big Brother Spoilers How Does Willie Hantz Compare to his Brother Russel and his Nephew Brandon?

          When I learned that Willie would be on Big Brother 14, I immediately thought about Russell Hantz , his brother and his terrible personality.  During his first stint on Survivor Samoa he immediately started causing trouble. He burned some of the other survivor’s socks and poured water out of their canteens.     He found immunity idols, without clues.  That was very remarkable.  He somehow managed to get to the final three, but the jury was

Big Brother Spoilers: Contestant Shane Meaney has a Secret!

     Shane Meaney is 26 years old and lists his profession as a house flipper. However, we also know that he tried to launch a modeling career as well as a personal trainer. And in 2010, he was Cosmo’s Bachelor of the Year nominee from Vermont. When the ladies get a look at his modeling photos, oh my. Right now he has a bit of a scruffy beard, but that won’t hide his body.          He thinks of himself as easygoing and a