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Sean Lowe Talks about “The Bachelor Curse” and his Bacherlorettes

  Sean Lowe has stated that he is very happy with the women ABC choose for him.  He has had a fairly long relationship with them and he feels they really understood his needs.  Of the women, he describes them as intelligent and he really appreciates that   many  have    a wonderful sense of  humor.  He had a few surprises from a few of the women, but he feels he handled it well. When asked about the “Bachelor Curse,” Sean laughs,”I’ve

Sean Lowe Received Some Great Advice from his Parents Before he Made the Decision to Do The Bachelor

Sean Lowe with his Grandmother

When Sean Lowe was asked to consider doing The Bachelor, he had to give it some thought. He just had his heart broken by Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette, and he did not know if he was ready. Thank goodness he is very close to his family and he asked them for some guidance. Sean stated that they know him better than anyone and their advice was, “To be true to himself, stay in prayer, and he would make the

Bachelor 17’s Sean Lowe Shares About Caring for More than One Woman, His Thoughts on Proposing, and More!

Sean Lowe  Bachelor,  happy to do Dancing with the Stars

Since Sean Lowe is home now and has finished filming, everyone is clamoring for information about him and the show. It is no surprise that many have wondered about his thoughts when he discovered that Emily Maynard and Jef Holm had broken their engagement. Sean indicated that he did not learn about Emily and Jef’s breakup until his final destination. Previous to that, he had decided that Emily was not the one for him and The Bachelor was the route

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