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Donna Zitelli is a Super Fan And Will Be on Bachelor Pad and I Think the Men Will Be Interested!

When I heard about the fact that there would be super fans this season, I was not sure if that is a good idea. But in thinking about it and learning about the various fans, I think it’s a great idea. There will be few males and females that the other former contestants know nothing about. Meet Donna Zitelli. She has a sexiness about her and I truly think the men are going to go nuts over her. And, this beauty

Meet Ryan Hoag, a Former NFL Player, Appeared on Bachelorette 4, & Will be On The Bachelor Pad 3

When I first heard the name Ryan Hoag, I wondered, who is this guy? Ryan was on the Bachelorette 4 with DeAnna Pappas in 2008. For 4 years, I worked in the evening and truly missed my show, “The Bachelorette.” He is very good looking. He is 32 years old and today resides in Minneapolis, MN. He is the dean of a high school. I was to learn that Ryan is a former NFL player and after about one hour