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Emily Shares her Thoughts About Some of The Entrances That First Night and Why No Hot Tubs!

I just found this interview and I was surprised that Emily gave one so soon. But some of the things she talks about answer questions I have also had. There were some very interesting entrances to meet Emily on the first night. Emily enjoyed the evening, felt nervous but she did a great job. She seemed in control and was so gracious to all of the men. As to the entrances, she had this to say, “Honestly, anybody that knows

Video of Jeff Holm In Nicaragua Drilling a Well for a Village and Playing with the Children

Jef in Nicaragua for People Water – Drilling a Well I just watched this wonderful video of Jef Holm, with his company trying to drill a new well for a village. Some people tried to stop them but were not successful. The conditions are extremely primitive. I said to myself, “This can be dangerous.” But Jef was not deterred. His company PeopleWater, matches the cost of each bottle for this type of work around the world. What a concept! I

Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars Would Love to Be The Next Bachelorette

If you watch Dancing with the Stars, you already know who Cheryl Burke is. She is a fabulous dancer and has won several Mirror Ball Trophies. So, you would think that someone this good-looking and talented, would have no problem finding a man. People have assumed, in the past, that here was a romantic connection with some of her male partners. Wrong! If there was one, it did not last. Recently, Cheryl was at an awards show and made the passing

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