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Melissa Rycroft Thinks Sean Lowe is a Great Choice for The Bachelor 17

      Who will ever forget Melissa being jilted on The Bachelor.  That being said, Melissa Rycroft thinks Sean Lowe is a great choice as the Bachelor.  She spoke last week with reporters, who were reporting on Dancing with the Stars.  She actually knew Sean when she was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys.    She related, “He actually was dating one of the girls I was a cheerleader with, so I knew him back then.  He’s a really

Former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Thinks it is a Great Idea for Kacie Bougskie to Be on The Bachelor 17

       Ashley Hebert found love on her season of  The Bachelorette.  She is engaged to J.P. Rosenbaum and they are talking about a wedding in the Spring of 2013.  Ashley is so excited that Kacie Boguskie is getting another shot at love.   As we have reported, Kacie is one of Sean Lowe’s bachelorettes.  Ashley recently told Hollywood Life that, “I don’t think she got the loving she deserved by being dumped by Ben.  Hopefully, this time around will

Bachelor 17 Sean Lowe’s First One on One Date Is in Los Angeles, Calif.

   Sean Lowe and Mystery Woman  First One on One Date          We already have a spoiler on Sean’s first one on one date.   It was a helicopter ride to the Watermarke Tower in downtown Los Angeles.  And like several of these types of dates, it involved repelling down the building and then enjoying a very nice dinner.  I would think they might try something a little different.  We have seen this type of date with Michelle Money

Bachelor17 Spoiler Sean Lowe Gave out More than 1 First Impression Rose Monday Night

  Sean Lowe Bachelor 17   It looks like things are getting changed somewhat this season.  From the beginning of the cocktail party, Sean was allowed to give out as many roses as he wished.  When it was time for the rose ceremony, he had already given out more than 10.  So, only 7 or 8 women received roses at the ceremony.   It must have been a bit of a shock to everyone, as that is not usually how it goes.  Actually

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