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Bachelor 17 Spoiler: To Whom is Sean Lowe Engaged?

Sean Lowe Hands out His Last Rose Believe it or not, we now know who the lucky young lady who is engaged to Sean Lowe. ABC has truly tried to fool us, in the fact that many of these young ladies were not known about until later filming episodes. The final four are: Ashlee Frazier Lindsay Yenter Desiree Hacksock Catherine Guidici The hometown dates were filmed in this order, Ashlee Frazier first, in Houston, Texas. Catherine Guidici in Seattle, Washington,

It Looks Life Jef Holm is Seriously Hoping for a Reunion with Emily Maynard

Jef Holm is still hoping for a reunion with Emily Maynard As of November 7th, Jef Holm is still hoping for a reunion with Emily Maynard. He shares that he, “Craves a deep love with Emily.” After Emily was seen dancing with Jason White, NASCAR driver, the tabloids had a ball. But as soon as Emily stated that she is still very single, Jef hoped on a plane and head once again to Charlotte. Jef has used Twitter to discuss

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