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Bachelor Pad’s Jaclyn Swartz is Still Angry with Rachel Truehart!!!

  As far as I  know,  Jaclyn Swartz and Rachel Truehart have not mended their friendship.  It has been reported that at the finale Swartz goes off on Rachel.    Rachel was paired with Nick Peterson after Michael Stagliano was sent home.  Rachel and Nick won the final karaoke-themed competition.  As a result  they were forced to send another couple home.  Their choices were Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon or Ed Swidereski and Jaclyn Swartz.  Rachel and Jaclyn have been best friends

Ed Swiderski of the Bachelor Pad Was There for The Money Not Love, as He Had a Girl Back Home

  Ed, Jaclyn Swartz, Rachel Trueheart, and Chrs Bukowski Bachelor Pad 3   Ed Swiderski has been showing a bit of his wild side.  Last week we saw him sleeping with one of the girls.   And this week, Ed admits that he had a girlfriend back home.   On a recent conference call he had this to say:  “I definitely was not there for love!  I absolutely was there to win.  I treat it just like any competition.  I have someone at home

Meet Blakeley Jones (aka Shea) from the Bachelor to Bachelor Pad

       We first met Blakeley Jones, aka Blakeley Shea, on Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor Season.   She was eliminated during the sixth episode.  Blakeley did not get along well with the other girls.  Courtney Robertson even called her a stripper.   Blakeley did not go out of her way to be friendly.  In fact, she went after Ben one night and invited him in the pool, on a group date.  She decided she was going to give him a kiss he would not

Bachelor Pad 3 Spoilers – Meet Identical Twins Erica and Brittany Taltos Super Fans

   Meet the identical twins Erica and Brittany Taltos who are super fans.  They are both 22 years old, and the question I have is, will they try to switch places and cause chaos?  For Erica and her twin, this is their first time on this franchise.  ABC says in their bio, “These two are the definition of double trouble and double the fun”.  They are in it for the money, perhaps to find a guy, but nothing serious.    Erica has always

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