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Chris Harrison Urges Fans Not to Buy into the Scandal About Emily Mayard and Jef Holm, Which Jef’s Brother Tried to Start

                   Chris Harrison shares this thoughts on the supposed scandal that Jef’s brother tried to launch.  According to Chris, Mike is seen as the “Black Sheep of the Family,” who is looking for press.  Jef said something similar.  Chris shoots down the rumor, stating that he talks to Emily and Jef all of the time and they are doing great.  And Chris states, Jef is now living in Emily’s hometown.    Chris

Jef Holm Responds to His Brother Mike’s Scandalous Remarks About Emily Maynard

      Jef Holm has responded to the claims that his brother Mike made about Emily Maynard, his fiance, stating, “Mike has a history of doing hurtful things to the family.”    When Emily and Jef were visiting Jef’s family on Pawley’s Island, SC, an anonymous source claimed that Emily was texting another man.  Later the magazine that published the report, named Jef’s brother Mike as the source.  We have also  learned that Mike was not paid for his

8/28/12 Update on Cheating Scandal for Emily Maynard and Jef Holm

  Emily, Jef, Ricki Enjoy a Family Outing Sat.       According to Reality Steve, Mike Holm, Jef’s brother, was not paid for his comments to Us Weekly.   And the “cheating” they are referring to is not an affair but the supposed texting  I wrote about previously.    Us Weekly says Jef and Emily are engaged and they say they have information about the texting.  Time will tell.  Tomorrow, I believe a new addition of Us Weekly is coming out.  Now