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Is Chris Harrison the Next Bachelor????

  Chris Harrison Host of Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad  The rumors are now running rampant, since Chris separated from his wife, Gwen, of 18 years.  Is he going to be the next bachelor?  Everyone wants to know.  And remember there was the rumor that he and Emily were secretly in love?  He stated in an interview in May, “In all seriousness, getting out of a 22 year relationship, having two kids, and trying to find a new life, I’m thinking I would not

Catching Up with Love in the Wild After Three Episodes

We have had three episodes and there has been some switching of partners. During the first episode, there were six extra men. The women were invited to choose another man as part of their team. Everyone was now in a trio. At the couples ceremony, there were a few changes. During week two, there were no surprises. However, during week three we had another twist. This time there were 6 extra women and the men were able to choose another