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Love in the Wild, an Update on Aaron Chase and Summer Mack

      Summer and Chase went home last week.  Often thought of as one of the most competitive couples, they came in second.  The first place couple, Ken and Yanina, were first and were able to decide which couple to take to the final, tomorrow, July 24, 2012.  Ken and Yanina chose Ben and Michelle.   Ben and Michelle tried to make their relationship look more competitive than romantic and it  put a target on their back.  Chase said

Love in the Wild’s Ken & Yanina, Summer & Chase, Ben & Michelle Race To Be In the Finale Recap

    We are down to our last three couples, and I like them all.  I can’t wait to see who the final two will be.  Before the challenge begins all of the couples are thinking about their time here and what their partner has meant to them. Yanina and Ken are enjoying each moment together. Ben – “I never thought I would get this far and be with someone I like.” Chase:  “This is the girl I started to

Love in the Wild: Quick Sand, Scorpions,and Love In Paradise Recap Ep. 6

  We are down to the final three couples and I am excited to see how everyone does in the challenge and as a couple tonight.  Before the challenge Summer and Chase are considering their time here and they are both amazed that they have made it this far.  Ken says is motto today is, The Oasis, or bust. Time to meet Jenny. Gracious and beautiful Jenny welcomes them and lets them know the new challenge will involve using a

Learn more About Aaron Chase and Summer Mack one of the Final Three Couples on Love in the Wild

Aaron Chase (He goes by Chase), grew up in San Diego but now lives in Newport Beach, California. He once had a long romance but it ended and caused him a broken heart. Shortly after that, he went to Iraq and he is a Marine veteran. He is hoping that his military training will prove helpful in the wild. He is seeking a long term relationship and hopes for someone with a big heart. Summer Mack has certainly proven that she

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