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Big Brother 14 Contestant JoJo Spatafora Tells It Like it Is

      JoJo is 26 years old and she is a bartender from Staten Island, New York.  She sees herself as different and sparkling. She certainly has sparkling eyes!  Would you believe she enjoys roller  blading?  She also enjoys ice skating and cooking.  She will miss her computer and cell phone, the ability to connect with her friends.  She does not have any children, so she is not used to a lot of noise or someone to go home

Big Brother Episode1 Recap, Previous Players Revealed and One House Guest Eliminated

     It was nice to  see Julie again and she looked lovely in a red jumpsuit.  She reminds us that there will be four additional players added to mix.  The four former players will be coaches and  will not be playing the game as individuals.    The house guests introduce themselves, and these remarks stood out for me.   Wil let us know he is gay, tough, and talented.   JoJo is street smart from New York and she is

Big Brother Contestant Ian Terry Has Watched BB Since Age 10!

        Ian Terry seems to be a cutie and young,  at the age of 22.  He currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana,  and he is an engineering student.  He thinks of himself as analytical, intelligent, and eccentric.   I can see that!  Not being able to gain access to the Internet during his stay in the house, is something he will probably miss the most.  As far as his strategy is concerned, sounds like he has given it quite a

Big Brother 14 Spoilers Meet Jodi Rollins Who Believes in Living in the Moment

                                                Meet Jodi Rollins who is 42 hears old and a restaurant server from Calipartria, Calif.  The things which she will miss the most  while in the house are:   lack of privacy, her family, and not always having great food. She is not a fan of slop! She thinks her best strategy is to let people underestimate her.  Her favorite big brother player is Brittney from season 2.  Jodi thinks she was funny with an edge and sweet at

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