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Bachelor Sean Bio – Who is Sean Lowe?

 Bachelor Sean Bio When Sean was announced as the Bachelor for season 17, you could hear the shouts of joy around the world.  When we first became acquainted with Sean, it was during Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette 8 season.  Many hoped Sean would be chosen by Emily but it was not meant to be.  Sean took Emily home to meet his family and they loved her.  He also has many nieces and nephews, and we witnessed his caring and love for

Bachelor 17’s Sean Lowe Shares About Caring for More than One Woman, His Thoughts on Proposing, and More!

Sean Lowe  Bachelor,  happy to do Dancing with the Stars

Since Sean Lowe is home now and has finished filming, everyone is clamoring for information about him and the show. It is no surprise that many have wondered about his thoughts when he discovered that Emily Maynard and Jef Holm had broken their engagement. Sean indicated that he did not learn about Emily and Jef’s breakup until his final destination. Previous to that, he had decided that Emily was not the one for him and The Bachelor was the route

Bachelor 17’s Sean Lowe Has Another Occupation Besides Being an Insurance Salesman!

Sean Lowe is Not Only an Insurance Agent – He is the President of Fashion Gal in Dallas, Texas, a Custom Furniture Store Sean Lowe’s job description is described as “insurance agent.” However, he actually has another very interesting job. He is an owner, with two other friends, of a custom furniture store. It is called the Factory Girl in Dallas, and it is an online fashion and furniture store. Sean is the president. His main responsibility is brand management