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Bachelorette Spoilers Rumors About Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

        Apparently Emily is not the only one who is getting negative publicity.  Arie’s has 1 or 2 ex-girlfriends and an  “insider”  on the bandwagon.  Both articles are in Star Magazine.   Cassie Harshman has stated that his good boy image is just an act.  She states he has had dates all over the world, and finding women is not a problem.  So, she feels he did not need any help finding someone.   Arie moved in with her  after they

Big Brother Contestant Ian Terry Has Watched BB Since Age 10!

        Ian Terry seems to be a cutie and young,  at the age of 22.  He currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana,  and he is an engineering student.  He thinks of himself as analytical, intelligent, and eccentric.   I can see that!  Not being able to gain access to the Internet during his stay in the house, is something he will probably miss the most.  As far as his strategy is concerned, sounds like he has given it quite a

Say It Is Not True – Chris Harrison and Emily Maynard a Couple?

The latest rumor about Emily is that she may break her engagement to her fiance because she is love with Chris Harrison, and he with her. It is not unusual to have ugly rumors flying around as we get close to the end of the season. Also, it is said that Emily is calling Brad Womack for support. Now I just saw a story about Emily and her daughter in New York this weekend for some special time together. In