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The Amazing Race: Congratulations to Josh Kilmer and Brent Ridge Who Won the Amazing Race Last Night

Seen as the underdogs, no one expected the Beekman boys, goat farmers, to win The Amazing Race. But they pulled it off with grit, friendship, determination, and faith in each other. They never won a leg of the race, but when it mattered, they pulled it off. They traveled home to New York, for the final challenge. The final challenge involved matching how you say “hello” and goodbye,” in languages of the countries they had visited. But before the final

The Amazing Race 21 Meet Amy Purdy A Double Amputee and Her Partner Dan

    The Amazing Race 21 will have a couple where one of the individuals is a double leg amputee.  The couple is Amy Purdy and Dan Gale.  At the age of 19, Amy had both of her legs amputated below the knee.  She had a battle with bacterial meningitis and as a result, lost part of her legs.  The good news is, when the amputation is below the knee, it makes for better walking down the road. But not to