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Sean Lowe Talks about his”Nerdy” SideTierra LeCaussi and More

Sean Lowe Bachelor 17 When  you think about “Nerdy” one would not think of using this word about Sean. The things which he considers nerdy, are: doing crossword puzzles, quizzing his friends on historical factsHe also enjoys doing math in his head, which often his friends find very interesting. But that is not surprising as he has been an insurance salesman and is used to doing calculations forever       And if you want to date Sean, do not show up

Bachelorette Emily and Jef Holm Are Engaged Recap and What a Beautiful Show it Was!

      It was probably, in my mind at least,  was the most beautiful final rose ceremony I have ever seen.  In the beginning of the 3 hour program, Chris Harrison was live with an audience.  And, he offered that they must be sitting on the edge of their seats.  I know I was and I was at home. As we start viewing, Emily is talking about how surprised her parents will be to find out that she is

Bachelor Pad 3 Meet Page Vigil A “Super Fan” Who Knows a Lot About the Celebrities!

          Paige is another “super fan.”    She is 24 years old and she is a Jumbo Tron Operator in New York city.   She feels she will be somewhat overwhelmed when she meets the celebrities.    She feels she knows so much about them because she writes recaps for “The Bachelor” for her college newspaper.   She’s hoping that because she knows so much about the celebrities, she will be able to use that knowledge to keep her

Emily’s Favorite Dress of the Season and Jewelry She Loved Photos

      Emily’s Necklaces Bachelorette Emily has looked stunning in her beautiful dresses and jewelry. Some have said she went way over the budget but they must have allowed it. Take a look at what she bought. I guess I should say ABC purchased! Emily is one who loves sequined shiny stuff. She is a Southern lady and they do dress beautifully.    When Emily first tried on gowns, one of the first ones was a beautiful Jean Fares Couture

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