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Bachelor 17’s Sean Lowe Begins the Hometown Dates with Catherine Giudici in Seattle

 Sean Lowe has begun his hometown dates with Catherine Giudici in Seattle, Washington.          Meet Catherine Giudici, 26 years old and she is from Seattle.  During the day, Catherine is a visual designer at Amazon and she also blogs about vegan food.   How will Sean feel about this? She attended Washington State University, and after graduation was able to gain a career in advertidsing. She also loves to travel and recently went to Kenya.  She sounds like a very

How Did Such as Nice Guy a Doug Clerget Finish so Poorly on Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette?

Doug, a single father seemed to have a good connection with Emily in the beginning of the season. He won the first impression rose. He even had a letter written to Emily from his son, Austin. As each episode progressed, he seemed to be losing ground. Emily was getting impatient with his slow approach. When you think about it, you only have a few weeks to solidify your spot before hometown dates. The courting process is really cut short. And