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Photo of Sean Lowe Being Filmed While Shaving Shirtless in a Towel!

Did you realize that the filming of the Bachelor/Bachelorette is filmed in just 6 weeks?  Wow, can anyone really find true love at that pace?  Check out the hot photo of Sean Lowe  the bachelor 17, only in a towel!         Sean began filming in Los Angeles on September 20, 2012 and he will finish on the last weekend in November.  (Check out Final Rose Spoilers)  So, we will keep looking for more spoilers in the weeks to come.  And as you

Chris Harrison Impressed with Sean Lowe’s Bachelorette Choices

Sean Lowe   appears to have healed well from his rejection from Emily Maynard.  Chris Harrison recently stated that Sean is choosing his woman very carefully,  someone with whom he wants to start a family.  Chris says, “He’s bouncing back just fine.” He feels the audience will like his approach as well, “I think people are really going to like him because he’s so sincere.  He really is looking for that someone and that makes it fun for everyone.”