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Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Attended Ricki’s Parents Night at her School This Week

       From the beginning, Jef’s involvement with Ricki has been very important to him.  And it only continues.   Jef has moved to Charlotte and he helps with the soccer team and even drives Ricki to school sometimes.  Jef  Holm and Emily Maynard continue to strengthen their bond with one another and  with Ricki.  Despite all of the rumors and tabloids, which seem to have died down, they continue their normal lives.  This week, Emily and Jef attended Ricki’s

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Were On Good Morning America Yesterday

          Jef  Holm and Emily Maynard were in New York yesterday  to help kick off New York Fashion Week.  They also appeared on “Good Morning America. Jef stated:  “It’s crazy about Emily sexting.  That’s just tabloid stuff…rumors about us and it’s not true.  Emily and I are so happy. We’re great and in love, and we’re happy.” Of his brother, Jef stated the following, “I don’t even know if  he knows why he did that.  But I love

Jef Holm Describes How Emily was Affected by the Trip to Africa and How They are Becoming a Family with Ricki

    Emily and Jef continue to reflect on their journey to Africa.  Jef did not go on the Bachelorette for attention to himself, or his company.  But he certainly is not disappointed that it has allowed others to find out about his cause.  He says that the Bachelorette was about his and Emily’s love story, but it also ended up opening the door for others to see where they can help others.    In an interview with Huffington Post,

There’s No Place Like Home: Emily Had Four of the Most Wonderful Hometown Dates I Have Ever Seen, Episode 8 Recap

I have to say, I think these hometown dates were some of the best ever. Emily was truly welcome in every home and wanted as a daughter-in-law by all of them. As the show begins, Emily is back in Charlotte to spend some time with Ricki. When Emily gets home, there is a huge banner on the staircase that says, “Welcome Home Mommy.” How sweet. I am reminded of similar surprises from my girls over the years. Emily and Ricki