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Sean Lowe Bachelor 17 Spoilers Cocktail Party Episode 1

Ashkey Palenkas Pulls our a Tie to Tie Sean up With

We have talked about the fact that Sean Lowe will break the rules during his stint on the Bachelor. Normally, there is one impression rose given out. However, Sean will give out 12 as the evening progresses. Naturally, the ladies who do not get one, are concerned because that means less will be given out at the actual rose ceremony. We have learned that it is Lindsay Yenter who arrived in a wedding dress. Taryn Rene Daniels will become so

The Bachelorette: Super Video of Jef’s Skateboard Ride to Meet Emily and His Thoughts about Interacting with Ricki

If you saw Episode One of The Bachelorette, you saw Jef come rolling in on a skateboard. During a recent interview, Jef was asked how he feels about interacting with Ricki and he stated: “At this point, I would love the chance to meet Ricki. I am a child at heart, and I would love to hang out with her. And I know Emily mentioned that she had played soccer, and yes, I don’t know, I just think it’s something