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It Looks Life Jef Holm is Seriously Hoping for a Reunion with Emily Maynard

Jef Holm is still hoping for a reunion with Emily Maynard As of November 7th, Jef Holm is still hoping for a reunion with Emily Maynard. He shares that he, “Craves a deep love with Emily.” After Emily was seen dancing with Jason White, NASCAR driver, the tabloids had a ball. But as soon as Emily stated that she is still very single, Jef hoped on a plane and head once again to Charlotte. Jef has used Twitter to discuss

In a Recent Interview Jef Holm Has Made it Perfectly Clear That he is Not Looking for Love Now

Jef Holm is staying in touch with all of us and his latest news is that he is not dating. He was recently in Charlotte, NC, but he was not there to see Emily, Rather, he was promoting his “People Water.” Jef wants everyone to understand that he is still dealing with the loss of Emily and certainly is not ready to look for love now. He stated, “I wouldn’t even consider myself on the market now. I’m just hanging

Former Bachelorette Contestant Jef Holm is Missing He has Gone off of the Grid!

Jef Holm seems to be playing a game with us.  He has disappeared in a sense.  He is not in Charlotte, and we don’t think he is in Utah either.  There have been no photos of him recently, except what he has shared here.  He seems to be missing.  Is it getting to difficult to take and he needs a time out?             From the photos, he appears to be somewhere cold and it looks like he is

Former Bachelorette Contestant -Some are Suggesting Jef Holm is Planning to Write a “Tell All” Book!

Some rumors are already suggesting that Jef Holm is planning to write a “tell all” book about his experiences with “The Bachelorette” and Emily Maynard.  Would he do such a thing?  We really doubt it, especially when you take into consideration  Emily’s daughter Ricki, and the consequences for her.  Thankfully, Jef gave us an answer! Jef Holm Got Very Close to Emily Maynard and Ricki’s Cats He Tweeted”  “You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow…tabloids are so stupid. Get real.”  Bachelor Season 17 Filming

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