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Chris Harrison Bachelor Pad Host Shares his Thoughts on Tony Pieper & Blakeley Shea’s Relationship

      Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea Jones were sent home Monday night by Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon.  It was no surprise.  I don’t think anyone on the show or anyone at home, watching it was surprised.  Chris and Blakely clearly had some issues.   Blakeley cried but Tony was there to comfort her.  They both left in the same limo and Tony told her, “I’m not going anywhere without you.”   Neither one blamed the other, it just

Big Brother Spoilers How Does Willie Hantz Compare to his Brother Russel and his Nephew Brandon?

          When I learned that Willie would be on Big Brother 14, I immediately thought about Russell Hantz , his brother and his terrible personality.  During his first stint on Survivor Samoa he immediately started causing trouble. He burned some of the other survivor’s socks and poured water out of their canteens.     He found immunity idols, without clues.  That was very remarkable.  He somehow managed to get to the final three, but the jury was

Big Brother Spoilers Jenn Arroyo is a Musician and Has Amazing Tattoos!

         Jenn Arroyo, 37,  is one of our oldest house guests.  She is a musician and the former bass player played  for a female metal group, “Kittie.”  She describes herself as funny, sexy, and smart.  For fun her activities are working out, lifting weights, and playing her guitar/bass.  She also enjoys writing in a journal and her ideas often become a song.  Like many of the other house guests,  she will miss contact with her family and friends.  Of

Big Brother 14 Spoilers Meet Jodi Rollins Who Believes in Living in the Moment

                                                Meet Jodi Rollins who is 42 hears old and a restaurant server from Calipartria, Calif.  The things which she will miss the most  while in the house are:   lack of privacy, her family, and not always having great food. She is not a fan of slop! She thinks her best strategy is to let people underestimate her.  Her favorite big brother player is Brittney from season 2.  Jodi thinks she was funny with an edge and sweet at

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