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Dancing with the Stars All Stars: Photos of Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough

Shawn Johnson, an accomplished gymnast, and now a dancer, has had a wonderful time in this season of Dancing with the Stars, and her latest scores prove that. She won the Mirror Ball Trophy with Mark Ballas a few years ago. With Derek Hough’s choreography and her trick ideas, they have paved the way to another possible win. Here are some of the photos of their magnificent dances.

Drew Lechey Talks Can Actors Compete with Athletes on Dancing with the Stars?

Do athletes have a hand up on the actors? Drew and Anna Dancing with the Stars All Star   In a recent interview Drew Lachey said he thinks that athletes win the Mirror Ball Trophy more often than non-athletes but now, he is up against six champions and many runner-ups with more than a handful of athletes included in those ranks.  He is glad he has some previous experience behind him, so he knows what to expect, especially the tremendous amount of time