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Dancing with the Stars All Stars: Photos of Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough

Shawn Johnson, an accomplished gymnast, and now a dancer, has had a wonderful time in this season of Dancing with the Stars, and her latest scores prove that. She won the Mirror Ball Trophy with Mark Ballas a few years ago. With Derek Hough’s choreography and her trick ideas, they have paved the way to another possible win. Here are some of the photos of their magnificent dances.

Dancing with the Stars: Fusions and Marathons What a Combination Recap Week 7 Photos

What an unbelievable evening we had once again. The dances were beyond belief and the scores proved it. Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani placed at the top of the leader board with Shawn Johnson following her. Although Shawn had a perfect score of 30 and Melissa 29.5, Melissa received the perfect 10 for the marathon effort. Tonight was Fusion night, taking two different dancing styles and performing them to the same music. Len said he would be looking at the

Dancing with the Stars Pro Derek Hough Sustained an Injury this week and Has a Plan of Attack for Shawn Johnson, while He Recovers

Last Tuesday evening, results show night, we learned that Derek Hough, had injured himself.  He has had a chronic  problem for quite some time, and it was injured again.   Derek reported that he will have to step away from physical work with Shaw Johnson, her pro, this week.                   Shawn made the statement, “Losing Derek today was heart wrenching…I knew how hard the decision was for him.  I have never seen that look

We Had Two Nights of Guilty Pleasures on DWTS All Stars and we were Not Disappointed Recap & Great Photos

 The Greatest Compliment of Both Nights was Bruno’s compliment for  Team Derek and Shawn Johnson, “It was hardly possible to distinguish the pros from the stars.”   During week 5, we had two one hour nights of performance, due to the Presidential debates.  Monday evening we were not disappointed.  The theme for the night was “Guilty Pleasure Songs.”  One team would perform individual dances, while the other would do their team freestyle dance.            Kelly Monaco and Val