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Sean Lowe Talks about his”Nerdy” SideTierra LeCaussi and More

Sean Lowe Bachelor 17 When  you think about “Nerdy” one would not think of using this word about Sean. The things which he considers nerdy, are: doing crossword puzzles, quizzing his friends on historical factsHe also enjoys doing math in his head, which often his friends find very interesting. But that is not surprising as he has been an insurance salesman and is used to doing calculations forever       And if you want to date Sean, do not show up

Chris Harrison Talks “The Bachelor” on Kelly and Michael Live Today

   Chris Harrison looked sexy and cool as he appeared on Kelly and Michael Live this Morning.  He was wearing skinny jeans, a shirt, and that sexy smile of his.  When The Bachelor first started about 10 years ago, there was only one other Reality TV Show and that was, Survivor.   He recalls asking Jeff Probst, Survivor Host. “What Do we Do?”  Chris Harrison had been a true host on several networks, but this was all new.  He admits that

Is the Newest Scandal About Jef Holm Really True?

 Is the newest Scandal Really True?    There is another scandal out there about Jef  Holm.  It has to do with an ex-girlfriend, however, she did not think of herself as an ex-girlfriend.  Her name is Kaylee Shepherd and she started e-mailing Reality Steve on April 20th.  She stated that she and Jef had dated for 8 months before he went on The Bachelorette. She told Reality Steve, “He was very convincing that he was not going with intentions of “falling in

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