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Jef Holm Coached Another Soccer Game this Week and Things Went Much Better (Photos)

        Last week, we learned that Jef  Holm is coaching Ricki’s soccer team, “Green Beans.”  Sadly, they lost their first game.  But this week is another story. Jef  tweeted  #Greenbeans, “They had big hopes of a win today and things went well for the team. ”     Jef’s second tweet said,  “Green Beans win!!!!! Last minute of the game, Ricki scored the only goal!!!”  It is wonderful that Jef is so involved with Emily but also with  Ricki

A Typical Day with Jef Holm and Emily Maynard’s Cats – Photos

        More adorable photos have been tweeted by Jef and Emily, which show us more about their daily lives.  Emily tweeted two photos of Jef with Emily’s cat, one so cute, and the other cute as the cat is messing up Jef’s hair.  Emily tweeted, “How @jefholm gets his perfect hair.  He loves cats.”   And Jef tweeted about the other photo as he pets the Persian cat, “Loving the hospitality here in Charlotte.”  Sounds good to me.     

8/28/12 Update on Cheating Scandal for Emily Maynard and Jef Holm

  Emily, Jef, Ricki Enjoy a Family Outing Sat.       According to Reality Steve, Mike Holm, Jef’s brother, was not paid for his comments to Us Weekly.   And the “cheating” they are referring to is not an affair but the supposed texting  I wrote about previously.    Us Weekly says Jef and Emily are engaged and they say they have information about the texting.  Time will tell.  Tomorrow, I believe a new addition of Us Weekly is coming out.  Now

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Share Ricki’s First Day of School

  Jef and Emily are enjoying their time with Ricki and each other.  Jef tweeted a photo of them with Ricki at her first day of school.  Look at Ricki’s smile.  It surely does not look like there is trouble in Charlotte! Jef tweeted the following, “First day of first grade was a success, met the Hendricks, nicest people ever. #greatday.  

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