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Love in the Wild 2 Ben Clark and Michelle Sacco Made it to the Final Three Couples

Ben and Michelle became partners, when she was introduced as part of a trio. Ben was with Jenny at the time, but things always seemed to be stressful with them. Ben currently lives in Monroe, North Carolina. He was raised in Chesterfield, England, which accounts for his British accent. Ben feels the ladies are often attracted to him for the wrong reason. They love his accent and think of him as sexy. He is a former soccer player and states

Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria Are One of the Final Three Couples on Love in the Wild, Learn More About Them!

Kenneth Barrington and Yanina Beccaria have been together since the very first challenge. Yanina chose him and they have done remarkably well. Ken is originally from Peoria, Ill, and now lives in Miami Beach, Florida. He is a real estate developer. He got tired of the dating scene in Miami and decided to give “Love in the Wild,” a chance. He also has a softer side and is a foster parent for his local animal shelter. During the first challenge,

Testosterone, Bugs, and a Blindside, Love in the Wild Recap Episode 5

Although this is not Survivor, someone was blindsided last night. Tempers flared this week. During previews it appeared as if we might have a fight on our hands between Jesse and Ken. Thankfully, that did not happen. Jesse was stating that he tried to bow out gracefully last week. And Ken came back with, “You didn’t bow out, you’re here. And Jesse tells us, “Ken is talking out of his a–! As you recall, Ali chose Ben last week and

We had Coconuts, Bananas, and One Night Stands on Love in Wild Episode 4 Recap

It was one of the most spirited and difficult challenges the contestants have had. And besides that, several of the men did not see eye to eye. Before the challenge, contestants had a few days to become more acquainted. Jason and Vanessa had just teamed up at the last couple’s ceremony and seemed to be doing rather well together. When Vanessa became Jason’s partner, she was excited to see what could happen Ben, of his new partner, Michelle, stated that

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