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Big Brother Spoilers How Does Willie Hantz Compare to his Brother Russel and his Nephew Brandon?

          When I learned that Willie would be on Big Brother 14, I immediately thought about Russell Hantz , his brother and his terrible personality.  During his first stint on Survivor Samoa he immediately started causing trouble. He burned some of the other survivor’s socks and poured water out of their canteens.     He found immunity idols, without clues.  That was very remarkable.  He somehow managed to get to the final three, but the jury was

Big Brother Episode1 Recap, Previous Players Revealed and One House Guest Eliminated

     It was nice to  see Julie again and she looked lovely in a red jumpsuit.  She reminds us that there will be four additional players added to mix.  The four former players will be coaches and  will not be playing the game as individuals.    The house guests introduce themselves, and these remarks stood out for me.   Wil let us know he is gay, tough, and talented.   JoJo is street smart from New York and she is

Big Brother Live Feeds Reveal the Nominations for Eviction and More!

  Before I write the recap, I wanted to share this with you. Willie has nominated Kara from Dan’s team and Frank from Boogie’s team.  Boogie has spent some time in the HOH,  trying to cut some sort of deal with Willie. It’s not working. Willie is no fool! The house is already divided between teams Britney and Janelle vs. teams Dan and Boogie. Already,  Britney and Janelle have been to the diary room asking for more booze and the

Big Brother Mentor Janelle Pierzina Is Going to be Fun to Watch

    Janelle Pierzina was born in Grand Rapids, Minn. and graduated from Grand Rapids High School in 1998,  and graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a degree in communications. Before Big Brother, Janelle was an actress, a model, and a cocktail waitress.  Janelle also modeled for Playboy Inc, on two occasions and did an extended interview for Xposed magazine. And, she was named as SBK World Superbike Calendar Girl by FastDates.com    And Then Big Brother.  She first appeared on Big