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Former Bachelorette Contestant -Some are Suggesting Jef Holm is Planning to Write a “Tell All” Book!

Some rumors are already suggesting that Jef Holm is planning to write a “tell all” book about his experiences with “The Bachelorette” and Emily Maynard.  Would he do such a thing?  We really doubt it, especially when you take into consideration  Emily’s daughter Ricki, and the consequences for her.  Thankfully, Jef gave us an answer! Jef Holm Got Very Close to Emily Maynard and Ricki’s Cats He Tweeted”  “You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow…tabloids are so stupid. Get real.”  Bachelor Season 17 Filming

Emily Maynard, Jef Holm, and Ricki Spent Some Time Together In San Diego Recently

Jef Holm  and  Emily Maynard , and Ricki were in San Diego this past weekend to promote People Water and to attend the San Diego Film Festival.  Ricki and Emily could only stay a few days and headed back to Charlotte so Ricki could attend school.  But seeing them happy together, helped to dispel rumors that they are don’t well together.     On Tues . Jef Holm was seen at the Just Dance 4 Party on Tuesday, along with his friend

Is the Newest Scandal About Jef Holm Really True?

 Is the newest Scandal Really True?    There is another scandal out there about Jef  Holm.  It has to do with an ex-girlfriend, however, she did not think of herself as an ex-girlfriend.  Her name is Kaylee Shepherd and she started e-mailing Reality Steve on April 20th.  She stated that she and Jef had dated for 8 months before he went on The Bachelorette. She told Reality Steve, “He was very convincing that he was not going with intentions of “falling in

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