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Chris Harrison Talks “The Bachelor” on Kelly and Michael Live Today

   Chris Harrison looked sexy and cool as he appeared on Kelly and Michael Live this Morning.  He was wearing skinny jeans, a shirt, and that sexy smile of his.  When The Bachelor first started about 10 years ago, there was only one other Reality TV Show and that was, Survivor.   He recalls asking Jeff Probst, Survivor Host. “What Do we Do?”  Chris Harrison had been a true host on several networks, but this was all new.  He admits that

Sean Lowe Talks about “The Bachelor Curse” and his Bacherlorettes

  Sean Lowe has stated that he is very happy with the women ABC choose for him.  He has had a fairly long relationship with them and he feels they really understood his needs.  Of the women, he describes them as intelligent and he really appreciates that   many  have    a wonderful sense of  humor.  He had a few surprises from a few of the women, but he feels he handled it well. When asked about the “Bachelor Curse,” Sean laughs,”I’ve

ABC is Promoting Bachelor 17 on the American Music Awards Nov 18th With a Sexy Photo of Sean Lowe, Claiming Partial Nudity!

OK, what do you think, is this photo considered partial nudity? Producer Robert Mills is using the photo below on The American Music Awards on November, 18th, to get the fans and others to want to watch The Bachelor 17. Sean does look pretty sexy!! Will the women be swooning?

Canada Bachelor Brad Smith has a Crush on Two Ladies!! And we Found Some Hot Photos of the Two

Would you believe that Canada bachelor Brad Smith, actually has a crush on two women.  The two ladies are Rachel Weisz and Kate Beckinsale.  He has always been attracted to women with accents, stating, “The whole English accent always gets me.”   And he aways liked dark-haired ladies, but he always dated light-haired girls.  He cannot figure that one out!! But for now, his classic type is like a Scarlett Johanson.  He prefers less makeup, classically beautiful, rather than model-hot.  He

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