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Google Plus Bachelor Spoilers Community comes online…

Google Plus Bachelor Spoilers Community is now live at this link  Hey there fellow Bachelor fans. We here at the Bachelor Blog wanted to share the fact that we just set up a new Bachelor Spoilers Google Plus community….this new place to share Bachelor news for the upcoming 2014 Bachelor season will be a first on the Google Social Network. It seems clear though as of late that many people are making the transition to Google Plus since its just

Sean Lowe Talks about his”Nerdy” SideTierra LeCaussi and More

Sean Lowe Bachelor 17 When  you think about “Nerdy” one would not think of using this word about Sean. The things which he considers nerdy, are: doing crossword puzzles, quizzing his friends on historical factsHe also enjoys doing math in his head, which often his friends find very interesting. But that is not surprising as he has been an insurance salesman and is used to doing calculations forever       And if you want to date Sean, do not show up

Photo of Sean Lowe Being Filmed While Shaving Shirtless in a Towel!

Did you realize that the filming of the Bachelor/Bachelorette is filmed in just 6 weeks?  Wow, can anyone really find true love at that pace?  Check out the hot photo of Sean Lowe  the bachelor 17, only in a towel!         Sean began filming in Los Angeles on September 20, 2012 and he will finish on the last weekend in November.  (Check out Final Rose Spoilers)  So, we will keep looking for more spoilers in the weeks to come.  And as you

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