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Google Plus Bachelor Spoilers Community comes online…

Google Plus Bachelor Spoilers Community is now live at this link  Hey there fellow Bachelor fans. We here at the Bachelor Blog wanted to share the fact that we just set up a new Bachelor Spoilers Google Plus community….this new place to share Bachelor news for the upcoming 2014 Bachelor season will be a first on the Google Social Network. It seems clear though as of late that many people are making the transition to Google Plus since its just

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe says relationship problem rumors with Catherine Giudici are false!

  There are rumors about Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe having relationship issues.  According to an insider, Catherine is bored already.  She did give up a great job but being in Los Angeles, should give her many journalistic opportunities…or at least one would think! …and this week on Dancing with the stars, Sean dedicated a dance to Catherine, perhaps to calm the storm.  The theme was ,”Your Most Memorable Year.”! If we had to guess, this relationship won’t last. Meet the men

Bachelor 17’s Sean Lowe sat in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Hot Seat” Last Night

When we heard that Sean Lowe was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel last night, we were so excited.  Jimmy has always had a great way with those from the Bachelor Franchise.  Jimmy began by talking about the fact that Sean will be the bachelor with his shirt off more times than any bachelor before.  Sean laughed and explained that he does keep his body in good shape, and he also told us about the “grease girl,” whose duty it is to make

Bachelor 17’s Sean Lowe Shares About Caring for More than One Woman, His Thoughts on Proposing, and More!

Sean Lowe  Bachelor,  happy to do Dancing with the Stars

Since Sean Lowe is home now and has finished filming, everyone is clamoring for information about him and the show. It is no surprise that many have wondered about his thoughts when he discovered that Emily Maynard and Jef Holm had broken their engagement. Sean indicated that he did not learn about Emily and Jef’s breakup until his final destination. Previous to that, he had decided that Emily was not the one for him and The Bachelor was the route

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