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5 Canadian Actors we’d like to see for Bachelor Canada Season 2 – Spoilers!

Bachelor Canada Season 2 Spoilers…well not really! So now that every news outlet in American uses the catchphrase spoilers it’s hard to even get noticed without the phrase, ‘Bachelor Spoilers’ somewhere in your article. Compliments of my wild imagination and a bit of free time here are the 5 famous Canadians that most likely will not be the next Bachelor. Although it sure would be fun! Alan Thicke An ABC icon and the former father of Kirk Cameron on Growing

Canada Bachelor Brad Smith has a Crush on Two Ladies!! And we Found Some Hot Photos of the Two

Would you believe that Canada bachelor Brad Smith, actually has a crush on two women.  The two ladies are Rachel Weisz and Kate Beckinsale.  He has always been attracted to women with accents, stating, “The whole English accent always gets me.”   And he aways liked dark-haired ladies, but he always dated light-haired girls.  He cannot figure that one out!! But for now, his classic type is like a Scarlett Johanson.  He prefers less makeup, classically beautiful, rather than model-hot.  He

Bachelor Canada is Getting Ready to Launch Facebook and a Game to Get the Viewers More Involved!!

It  looks  like Bachelor Canada is getting smart!  They are going to be using Facebook to get information out to the fans.  They are very excited about bachelor Brad Smith.    Brad Smith is a professional football player, Canada’s first-ever “Bachelor.”   His most recent team has been the Edmonton Eskimos.  They are even going so far as to develop Poke4mon cards for grownups.  What a concept!!!  It will be available on Facebook.  Players will be given clues and secrets about Brad.  And players will also be able