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The 4 Best Booty Shaking Gifs You’ve Ever Seen! (Twerking)

What man on this planet doesn’t enjoy a lil booty shaking from time to time. Not many that we know, that’s for sure! So in celebration of…. well nothing really we posting these masterpieces for you to enjoy. They are what we’d have to call the 4 best boot shaking gifs we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Booty Shaking Gifs Here by mistake? Yes, Bachelor Blog is now blended mens lifestyle news, get the toned down Bachelor related news at

Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri in Photos, including the good ones in a Bikini! (Thank you India)

Congrats to Nina Davuluri our new Miss America for 2014 and the sexiest Indian lady to ever be in the contest, IMO. ¬†She is also the current Miss New York and lives in¬†Syracuse. She’ll get just 50 grand and the crown but future modeling and spokesperson gigs is the real prize. Now all we can collectively hope for is that she has a secret stand of naughty pictures that leaks which is nearly always the case these days. So far

Meet 23 year old Bartender Bachelor 2014 Contestant Kylie Lewis from Chicago!

Meet Kylie Lewis the latest female model/bartender set to be on The Bachelor. Kylie will be gracing our screens with Juan Pablo Galavis for the upcoming 2013-2014 Bachelor season that starts at the conclusion of Dancing with the Stars on ABC. According to Bachelor Spoilers Message Boards she is a former model for the most part and now a full-time bartender at District Bar & Grill. Moving right on up it appears… Her suitor, is of course Juan Pablo Galavis

Smiling faces, beautiful places; Large litter protester strips to save the planet.

Ridiculous news of the day… What’s in the water out there in South Carolina ya’ll! During a press conference for an anti-litter campaign a very large and in charge African American woman evidently stripped down to her drawers to voice her disapproval of littering….Um, yeah, not sure the tie in here friends but just a reminder that people a fawking Curazaay! Okay yeah, littering is a problem, but is this really necc. Isn’t there bigger problems in the world? The

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