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Dancing with the Stars All Stars Finale Recap – Who is Going to Win?

Who Will win the Mirror Ball Tonight? Who will win the Mirror Ball Trophy tonight? The scores are close but there were standout moments during the season and last night. This is the first time Dancing with the Stars has been an all female celebrity finale. Before the finals, Kelly Monaco had a score of 420.5 Adding last night’s scores 479.5 Although Kelly won season one, there was some controversy regarding her win. Many felt that John Hurley, who came

Week 2 Dancing with the Stars A Night Of Kicks and Flicks, Cartwheels, and a Bit of Hollywood

        What a wonderful night of dancing.  It was not without some of the celebrities and even a pro suffering some type of injury during the week.  The competition is fierce and no one can afford to coast.  Every week, every day, they need to give their best.  The bar as been set much higher for the All Stars.  But that being said,  everyone remains friends and they offer encouragement to each other.   Sabrina  Dance:  Quick Step

Louie VanAmstel Discusses Last Week’s Cha Cha Cah and what He and Sabrina are doing for the Quick Step

       Louie Van Amstel,   three-time world dance champion, is dancing for his eighth season on Dancing with the Stars.  He is paired with Sabrina Bryan who was voted on the show by the fans.  Louie feels the level of dancing is much higher this season and feels the celebrities, “All danced their hearts out”  last week.   The audience was great but they were so great and loud, that sometimes it was difficult to hear the music the couples

Dancing with the Stars Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Have a Crush On Each Other

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Have a Crush on Each Other       Many have observed that Kelly Monaco and her pro dancer, Val Chmerkovski have a great chemistry together.  They have danced well together and are cute.  Brooke mentioned the first night, while they were waiting for their score, that she has never seen Val shy before.  And she is right.  They have mutual crushes on each other.  When Kelly was asked if she has a crush on Val, she said,

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