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Jef Holm Talks About his Relationship with Emily Maynard and Ricki Since the Engagement

    Emily Maynard and Jef Holm  As we get further and further away from the proposal between Jef Holm and Emily Maynard, more interviews take place and we learn more about the two of them.  Many have wondered how Jef came up with such a beautiful proposal.  We have heard Jef say many times, he fell in love with Emily in London.   And, in Curacao, he knew he wanted to propose.   He wanted it to be special and meaningful.  He

Jef Holm Shares His Thoughts On His Relationship with Emily Maynard and Fatherhood

Jef Holm Shares his Thoughts on a Relationship with Emily Maynard and Fatherhood   Since filming is over, Jef  has had numerous interviews with many different media sources.  Here are two topics he has shared his thoughts on. In the beginning,  it seemed that Jef was taking things slowly, and I wondered sometimes if he was too slow.  He explains, “It is all about timing.”  When he finally kissed Emily, he felt,  “It was the most anticipated kiss and the best kiss of my life by