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On August 4, 2018
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Livejasmin is one of the best premium adult webcam sites. Our Review discusses quality cam feeds here, the numbers of available cam girls, cheap prices of LiveJasmin cam shows and more. Full review on all factors.

Today we are talking about LJ cam site and we have our most recent LiveJasmin reviews for you to read and learn more about how this cam site works. is one of the oldest and most widely used top cam sites on earth. The company itself was created by a Hungarian man who is now a Billionaire and one of the richest dudes in Hungary. He relocated the cam site operations center to Switzerland to save on taxes and bought a Mansion in Los Angeles. Sounds like a good plan! All silly business aside, LiveJasmin is a go to platform for some of the most sought after cam girls anywhere and millions of people use the platform each day. The company that operates LiveJasmin is formally known as Docler and there are more than 500 people working each day to make LiveJasmin one of the top sex cams websites.

So yes, LiveJasmin pretty easily made the list of the 10 best cam sites and it’s actually a site I have used more than 1,500 different times. I am a regular user of LiveJasmin and I feel confident saying that I am well qualified to discuss how the site works considering I have spent so much here over the years.

So let’s talk a little bit about what makes LiveJasmin the world’s popular destination for cam girls chat. Well there is literally hundreds of thousands of reasons and these reasons all come back to the performers; the performers otherwise known as cam girls at are among some of the most beautiful women anywhere in the world.

Top webcam sex sites

#2 Ranked Web Sex Site on the Planet, arguable the best overall depending on who you ask. Lots of updates for 2019 too!

Just take a look at the home page as shown in this screenshot. What makes LiveJasmin what it is as far as a more luxury or classy private nude webcams site is the fact that the models are represented in the best possible way.

LiveJasmin has an award winning, high quality, and fast loading streaming site/service that connects women and men as well as transgenders all around the planet; to talk about anything and everything, but most often sex. Rebecca Reid, Eve Thompson, Nicole Abbey, Janet Moore… the top cam girl names featured at this webcam sex site can go on and on for literally hours. As a matter of fact here is a picture of ErikaHarper a cam girl who I had a discreet nude webcam show with just last night. My total price was $13.00 for a private show with her. That lasted just over 4 minutes.


ErikaHarper, a recent cam girl we talked with on webcams at

Key Differences of : Our Review

Okay so maybe I’m not a ‘whale’ (big spender) or a, ‘Marathon Man’ as far as the length of my average adult webcam sessions. However, let’s be honest there’s tons of lead up before the part where you actually have to pay right? At least if you’re like me you try to get the most out of your dollars. That said at least I’m a spender and not a freeloader like so many other users at webcam sites. Anyway enough about me, what you care about is what you were going to get as far as value at each of the top adult cam sites and over the years there is without question more value to be had at LiveJasmin than most other adult cam sites combined.

Actually it’s hardly even comparable. At LiveJasmin you don’t have crap clogging up your screen. That’s right, LiveJasmin keeps things clean, simple and easy, as well as foolproof to use. As a matter of fact going into 2019 they’ve unveiled really cool surprise gifts feature that cost on average just 5 to 10 credits. They’ve also added a circle to the bottom right-hand for new members where you can see the 10-minute free offer. This has lots of lots of new members signing up which in turn has spurred the amount of opportunities for the performers at LiveJasmin.

So let’s go one by one through the functions that you will find when you land on a cam girls webcam show.

  1. First and foremost you’ll see the model bio. The model bio if you click on it gives you a Showcase of images as well as details about each adult webcam performer
  2. Next up you have a feature called get credits. The feature called get credits is where you will buy credits in order to converse with cam girls.
  3. Next us you have a heart symbol. Clicking that symbol is how you add users or cam girls to your list of favorites.
  4. After that you will find a feature called surprise model. To surprise a cam model you can send gifts to the model of your choice.
  5. Then we have the vote tab. The vote tab is where you can see the top cam girls on the LiveJasmin platform.
  6. After that you will find a feature called take a snapshot. This is very self-explanatory. Take a snapshot at any minute and save that in your member account.
  7. Lastly they have galleries and a button to turn your camera on and off as well as a mic button where you turn your mic on and off.
  8. You also find the ability to select screen size along the lower left hand corner.

The depth of functionality offered at LiveJasmin is unparalleled in the adult webcam industry.

Are there things they can improve upon? Sure there are always opportunities to improve and LiveJasmin is one of just a handful of video cams chat site which has over the years always innovated and added new functionality. As a matter of fact each week something new seems to come out of the LiveJasmin sex cams website.

Is LiveJasmin Legit? or just a scam?

There is nothing misleading at all about LiveJasmin and they are not like so many other cam sites that try to trick you with claims about free adult webcams. Free sex webcams are not even in the marketing pitches because LiveJasmin takes a lot of pride in being the quality premium cam site that it is.

discussion about sex cams site LiveJasmin

Cost for LiveJasmin Live Sex Shows :

Expect to see most of the ladies on cam here charging between two to three dollars per minute. There are exceptions to the rule but I would say 95% of the cam girls are in that price range.

Is LiveJasmin a Good Cam Girls Site :

From the simple to use navigation, to the mobile load times, to the costs of private nude webcam shows, to the ease-of-use few adult webcams sites come close to LiveJasmin webcam site.

LiveJasmin adult cams homepage screen example

Sites Like LiveJasmin :

LiveJasmin is fairly unique in the quality of the site itself and the depth of the functions that are offered at their platform. That said there are other premium live sex webcams sites out there which are good and we have covered these in our adult webcam sites reviews. LiveJasmin accepts all major credit cards and actually they act as their own credit card processor and they are able to save costs and pass through those savings as a result.


KellyAstor another popular college girl who does nude modeling at LiveJasmin

Summary of our LiveJasmin Reviews :

All in all LiveJasmin ranked #2 according to my own personal tastes because of the fact I preferred to leave a card on file for ease of use at Streamate. However, since no other adult cam sites are offering this the natural and obvious choice for the best overall cam site based on experience would have to be LiveJasmin offers a far larger database of cam girls and frankly cheap live sex compared to most cam sites. Some of the top cam girls on LiveJasmin adult cams are SophiaLyn, Emiralda, VivyanTyler, LindaCuteFairy, and CharismaDivine.